5 Spring Fashion Colours For Men

Paulina Kulczycki

As we navigate through the chilly winter, the days are slowly but gradually getting longer, and sunny winter days hint at the upcoming spring. And as the sun gently gets warmer, so does the colour palette of our outfits. We’re here to unveil 5 spring fashion colours for men that will stay stylish for more than just one season.

While dark and cool hues like black, grey, navy, and dark green are usually the colours that dominate winter, spring ushers in lighter and more vibrant tones. Each year brings new trend colours that get hyped up but at SANVT, we prefer to stay up to date without hopping on every short-lived trend that will soon be deemed a fashion faux pas. Instead, let’s explore 5 spring fashion colours that are not only fashionable but also timeless. This ensures that your looks don't end up as one-hit wonders in the fleeting world of fashion but make a statement for the future, setting sustainable trends. Get ready for spring and discover colours that will accompany you not only this upcoming season, but also in the years to come. 

5 spring fashion colours for men at a glance:

  • Off-White
  • Beige
  • Dust Grey
  • Dark Red
  • Dust Blue
5 Spring Fashion Colours SANVT off white



Let's kick things off with an elegant, timeless colour that has transitioned from a seeming trend to one of the most established base colours in fashion: Off-white. Particularly in sustainable fashion, uncoloured white materials such as cotton or linen create the beautiful off-white effect – a white that isn't blinding but rather subdued and natural. Off-white comes in various shades, some warmer, others cooler in undertone. For spring, we recommend a warm undertone in your off-white essentials. Our Perfect T-Shirt or the Ultra-Light T-Shirt in off-white are, therefore, indispensable basics for spring. Also off-white denim is especially cool in spring, both as oversized denim jackets and loose-fitting trousers. Alternatively, our Perfect Chino in ivory also fits perfectly into the off-white palette.

5 Spring Fashion Colours SANVT beige


In addition to off-white, cream and beige tones are perfect for spring – especially for tonal looks or in elegant contrast to black. Whether it's our Perfect Sweatshirt in light beige, the matching sweatpants, or the Perfect Chino in beige: Light sandy colours and beige tones always work in spring! They bring warmth and light to our looks and serve as the ideal base for tasteful and sophisticated outfits.

5 Spring Fashion Colours SANVT dust grey

Dust Grey

Do you remember the trend colour taupe? A few years ago, taupe was celebrated as the new neutral colour and has since secured a permanent place in the colour palettes of many brands and designers under various names. At SANVT, you'll find our Perfect T-Shirt in dust grey. Dust grey is a timeless trend colour that seamlessly fits into the spectrum of beige, sand, and earth tones. It bridges the gap between olive green, beige, and grey, making it compatible with almost all other neutral tones, as well as black and white. Dust grey adds a touch of colour to your looks but remains discreet and subtle. If you want to create a tone-on-tone look, pair the t-shirt with our Perfect Chino in olive green and complete the look with a beige knit cardigan and beige boots.

5 Spring Fashion Colours SANVT dark red

Dark Red

For a bit more colour impact, red has always been a timeless trend colour. Especially in a slightly subdued dark red, it's less aggressive and pairs well with black as well as rust brown, beige, and earth tones. Dark red adds lively accents to spring looks and brings colour into an otherwise often grey everyday life. And if you think red is too daring, discover our Perfect T-Shirt in dark red and our Perfect Sweatshirt in dark red to convince yourself otherwise. Our high-quality essentials may be bolder in colour but they're still timeless and minimalist in design. This way, you bridge the gap between trend and sustainability while making fashionable statements.

5 Spring Fashion Colours SANVT dust blue

Dust Blue

If you want to invite more colours into your spring outfits but find dark red a bit too intense or simply not your style, dust blue could be just the right fit for you! This new trend colour is a blend of classic light blue and grey. So if like us, you have grown tired of baby blue, the more smoky and muted dust blue is a much more refined alternative that pairs perfectly with denim and dark blue as well as grey essentials. Wear our Perfect T-Shirt in dust blue with our Perfect Chino in navy or blue jeans and complete the look with our grey zip hoodie. A laid-back style for spring that will still be relevant and fashionable in ten years.

Conclusion: 5 Spring Fashion Colours

As you can see, sustainable and timeless fashion doesn’t necessarily mean wearing just neutral tones. As much as we love neutral colours, they can become monotonous and dull after a while. While adding more colours into your spring looks though, make sure that your trend colours have the potential for everlasting fashionability. With our 5 spring fashion colours, you're already well equipped to embrace the upcoming spring with timeless colourfulness!

Header image by Jannik Madsen (@jannik_madsen)

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