5 Sustainable Styles for Spring 2023

Paulina Kulczycki

After a seemingly endless, grey winter, spring is finally around the corner! With the warmer temperatures, it's time to shed our thick winter jackets and let our clothes see the light of day again. At SANVT, we believe it's high time to consider new sustainable looks for spring. So, we're sharing with you 5 sustainable styles for spring 2023 that will help you look stylish and effortless during the first sunny days of the year.


Even if the thermometer says otherwise, we're already feeling spring fever. The days are getting longer, brighter and happier, inviting us to go outside, enjoy a coffee in the sun, stroll through the city or take a walk in the park. Let's face it: while we prefer to snuggle up at home during winter, good weather puts us in a great mood and makes us want to go out into the world - well-dressed, of course!

In this article, we want to share with you 5 sustainable styles for spring 2023 – styles for both men and women that you can easily create with our sustainable basics from SANVT.


5 trends in Sustainable Fashion Spring 2023 SANVT vanilla

A Dream in Vanilla

Let's start with a timeless classic: the beige all-over look. Especially in sustainable fashion, we find many undyed or naturally dyed natural materials, such as linen, hemp, bamboo or cotton. Combined, we get a spring look that is airy, light and elegant at the same time. A dream in vanilla, in other words. Men can combine our beige chinos with our ultra-light summer t-shirt in off-white and white sneakers or beige runners. Women can pair a cream-colored, tailored straight-cut linen trousers with a white crop top and our open white oversized Oxford shirt, rounding it off with beige sandal slippers and accessories such as a necklace, black bag and black sunglasses. The light colors make the style particularly suitable for spring and summer, ensuring an elegant appearance for any occasion.

 5 trends in Sustainable Fashion Spring 2023 SANVT all black


From delicate cream, white, and bright beige tones, we now turn to the complete opposite, and that is the All-Black-Look. While black may absorb too much heat in the summer, the colour is perfect for minimalist and uncomplicated styles in spring. Men can wear our new black knit sweater with our black chinos and complete the look with black Dr. Martens loafers and possibly a hat for a dandy style. Women can combine our black boyfriend hoodie with black vinyl leggings, cool boots, sunglasses, and a black beanie hat. Depending on taste, the All-Black-Look can be interpreted simply or daringly.

 5 trends in Sustainable Fashion Spring 2023 SANVT black and white

Monochrome in Black and White

For those who can't decide between the classy bright style and the edgy All-Black-Look, you can simply mix black and white in monochrome outfits. In men's fashion, we recommend styling our perfect white t-shirt tucked into loose black trousers, and adding white sneakers or black chunky Oxford shoes, a silver chain, and a cropped black beanie hat. In women's fashion, you can combine black cycling shorts with our black heavyweight t-shirt and either throw a white blazer over it or wear a white sweatshirt over your shoulders. Add some cool boots, a tote bag, and a cappie to complete the look. Whether edgy or sporty: black and white colors are timeless guarantees for stylish looks in any season!

 5 trends in Sustainable Fashion Spring 2023 SANVT tone on tone

Tone on Tone

As an alternative to classic colours like black, white, and beige, muted tones like olive green and taupe are trendy in sustainable fashion. These colours look particularly harmonious and stylish in tone-on-tone combinations with gray, beige, or muted earth tones. Men can layer an open taupe linen shirt over an ultra-light white t-shirt and style it with grey chinos, white socks, and matching sneakers. Women can opt for an dusty grey boyfriend t-shirt and wear it tucked into beige cargo pants or culottes. Wear it with a statement necklace, tied-back hair, a cool bag, and platform sandals to complete the look. Gray mouse? No way, José!

 5 trends in Sustainable Fashion Spring 2023 SANVT gender bender

Androgynous & Unisex

Finally, we want to talk about more than just a trend in sustainable fashion. It's about a socio-cultural movement and a new awareness for gender neutrality, gender fluidity and androgyny. At SANVT, we design most of our collection to be unisex and we are therefore big fans of androgynous looks for women, men, transgender people, and non-binary folks. We love styles that work for all genders (and identifications). You can combine black culotte shorts with knee-high socks and dress shoes with our black knit sweater, or wear grey unisex sweatpants with an oversized black hoodie, a black blazer, statement sunglasses, and sneakers. Et voilá – both styles give you a cool and casual unisex look.


5 Sustainable Styles for Spring 2023: Conclusion

As you can see, with just a few simple and sustainable basics, you can create numerous timeless styles that work not only in transitional seasons like spring, but all year round. Our 5 sustainable styles for spring 2023 definitely give you a lot of ideas to go out into the world, not only with a good sense of style, but also a good sense of environmental awareness.

If you want to read more about our sustainability initiatives, you can find more information here.


Photos by Julien Bergeron, Anastasios MoirasRomy Hoinka, Arnd, Judith MayerOrlando Rizzuti, Paloma K, Georg MallnerSuzanna ZakeryaevaFabio Montedoro & Nadine Banks


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