The best Autumn T-Shirts

SANVT Journal

In summer, light T-shirts are what you need. In winter, heavier t-shirts are what to look for. But where does that leave autumn? It’s the in-between season where it’s not so clear what kind of tee you should have ready in your wardrobe.

Don’t fret, there are still some definite dos and don’ts with T-shirts in Autumn. And this is our guide to make sure you’ve got the right thing to wear.

What you don't want to wear in Autumn:

In Autumn there are still things that you definitely don’t want in a tee. So it’s easy to start there.

Like with any other season you should avoid low quality fabrics, or synthetic fabrics, and we also think that these days you should opt for a tee that is sustainably made. If you want to look stylish then you should also avoid a tee with a poor fit. Awkward fitting tees don’t look good in any season.

About Autumn weather

Autumn brings to mind clear images like falling leaves, darkening days, roasting chestnuts and golden colours. But weather-wise Autumn is a bit of a mix of things - from Indian summers to premature winters.

Taking Autumn to be the period between September to November (in the northern hemisphere), global warming means that September can still be sweltering in many places while October and November are unpredictable and often cold. Autumnal conditions can be a real mixed-bag.

The solution? Have a versatile tee at hand that’s going to suit a wide variety of conditions.

GSM: a key figure

GSM is a measure you should look for when buying T-shirts in autumn and other seasons. It stands for ‘grams per square metre’. The higher the GSM, the heavier or denser the fabric and the T-Shirt.

Lightweight T-Shirts typically come in at under 160 gsm, heavyweight T-Shirts at over 200, while midweight T-Shirts are in the space between - 160 to 200 gsm.

With conditions in Autumn being so variable, you should look for a versatile ‘midweight’ gsm T-Shirt that’s neither too heavy or too light. That way you’ll be prepared for the array of weather that autumn throws your way.

The ideal T-Shirt for autumn season: The Heavyweight T-Shirt (235 GSM jersey fabric) from SANVT. 

The Ideal T-Shirt for Autumn

So, to summarise everything we’ve mentioned so far - for autumn T-shirts, choose a T-shirt that’s:

  • Midweight - look for the GSM and aim for 160 to 200
  • Made from a high-quality natural fabric - like premium cotton
  • Sustainable - being kind to both, the environment and the people who’ve made it
  • Well designed to offer a tailored fit

Shirt for colder days: Heavyweight T-Shirt from SANVT

If you want your T-Shirt to warm you a bit more, you could also go with our Heavyweight T-Shirt. It has a fabric weight of 235 GSM and is made of 100% organic cotton. 

Alternative: The Perfect T-Shirt from SANVT - the all-year-essential

We’ve outlined what you need in an Autumn tee and while there are plenty of good options out there, SANVT’s perfect T-Shirt also ticks all the boxes.

  • It’s made from premium extra-long-staple organic cotton
  • All SANVT’s tees are fairly made in the EU and are climate neutral
  • You can select length as well as width to find the perfect fit
  • The fabric is mid-weight - with a versatile GSM of 185

SANVT's all-season tee is also designed to be unisex, so it looks great on both women and men.


Remember time zones

SANVT doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to making tees, so we also don’t want to take a one-size-fits-all approach with our articles. You could be reading this from a tropical or desert climate where ‘autumn’ means something quite different to those folk in the northern hemisphere.

If you’re one of those people then simply abide by our rules for summer tees in hotter or humid conditions, and winter tees in colder conditions. Or stick to this guide if you get weather that’s more classically autumnal at any point.

And good luck finding a tee that you’re going to be comfortable in this autumn!

Photography by @chrisfraas