Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023

Paulina Kulczycki

Never before has it been so easy to stay informed about sustainable fashion. Thanks to social media, apps, documentaries, “greenfluencers”, and, above all, podcasts, we can shed more light on the fashion industry's intricacies and educate ourselves as conscious consumers. Podcasts grant us fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into the fashion world. With their concise episodes and expert interviews, podcasts deliver consolidated information that conveys not only knowledge but also practical tips. Here at SANVT, we're revealing the best podcasts on sustainable fashion in 2023 so that you, too, can become an absolute expert on slow fashion.

Let’s be honest: navigating the realm of sustainable fashion can feel like wading through a dense fashion jungle. There's a ton to soak in – from understanding the transparency throughout the entire production chain, sustainable materials, recycling, upcycling, circular economy, proper clothing disposal, greenwashing, animal cruelty for fur and leather, vegan leather alternatives, the harms caused by polyester and micro plastics, chemical dyeing processes, unfair working conditions, and the fashion industry's carbon footprint. To name just a few of the numerous topics we need to educate ourselves about. Not to mention the extensive research required to find truly sustainable, ethical, and transparent brands, so we can genuinely change our consumption habits. Even if you're already a sustainable fashion guru, there are always new insights, materials, statistics, and innovations you need to be aware of to stay up-to-date. Hence, podcasts are the ideal medium for learning for both newcomers and experts.

We've already dished on binge-worthy documentaries and must-read books for the conscious fashionista. Now, let's take a twirl into the world of podcasts that are about to level up your game as a fashion expert.

Here are the top 10 best podcasts on sustainable fashion in 2023:

  1. Conscious Chatter
  2. Wardrobe Crisis
  3. The Ethical Fashion Podcast
  4. Circular Economy Podcast
  5. The Sustainable Jungle Podcast
  6. The Minimalists
  7. We are Fashion Revolution
  8. Sustainably Influenced
  9. Fashion No Filter
  10. Pre-Loved Podcast


Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023 SANVT conscious chatter


1. Conscious Chatter

One of the most renowned and best podcasts on sustainable fashion in 2023 is Conscious Chatter, hosted by sustainable style consultant Kestrel Jenkins. Since 2016, this successful and on-going podcast has been exploring various aspects of the sustainable fashion industry – from social and environmental impacts to innovative approaches and solutions. Kestrel believes that the fashion industry's challenges must be tackled through a multi-stakeholder approach, contextualizing the reasons behind the industry's current state. Her unique storytelling style has earned her high-profile lecturing gigs all over the world. This is a podcast that comes highly recommended!

2. Wardrobe Crisis

Another podcast that has made a name for itself in the world of sustainable fashion since 2017 is Wardrobe Crisis. Led by the one-and-only Clare Press (the first journalist for ethical fashion at VOGUE magazine), this podcast delves into the ethical and eco-friendly aspects of the fashion industry. Press converses with experts, designers, and activists about the future of sustainable fashion.


Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023 SANVT wardrobe crisis


3. The Ethical Fashion Podcast

But the ethical fashion trailblazer, Clare Press, isn't just a one-podcast wonder. She also co-hosts the Ethical Fashion Podcast, together with UN officer Simone Cipriani. This podcast gem provides insights into the UN's political initiatives to make the fashion industry more sustainable and ethical. Press and Cipriani share stories of brands, designers, and activists advocating for a fairer and more environmentally conscious industry.

4. Circular Economy Podcast

The Circular Economy Podcast may not exclusively be centered on fashion, but it covers many aspects of circular economy that are relevant to the sustainable fashion industry. Expert and author Catherine Weetman explores innovative approaches to waste reduction and resource efficiency. If you want to learn more about circular economy in t-shirts and fashion production, you can also read more about it here.

5. The Sustainable Jungle Podcast

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Another podcast that addresses not only sustainable fashion but green lifestyle and environmental topics in general is The Sustainable Jungle Podcast. Hosts Lyall and Joy talk about everything green, from eco fashion to living that eco-conscious guilt-free life. Along with experts, they provide insights into exciting ways we can make more sustainable choices in various aspects of our lives, reducing our ecological footprint. Definitely worth a listen!

6. The Minimalists

While already discussing podcasts that aren't solely focused on fashion, The Minimalists need to be mentioned. And trust us, these minimalist maestros aren't just about decluttering your space – they're all about mindful fashion, too. You might already be familiar with the Emmy-nominated hosts from their Netflix documentary of the same name. In their podcast, New York Times bestselling authors Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, along with co-host T. K. Coleman, delve into a minimalist lifestyle closely tied to sustainable fashion and mindful consumption. The hosts encourage owning less but choosing more consciously, echoing Vivienne Westwood's motto: "Buy less, choose well, make it last."

7. We are Fashion Revolution

But now back to fashion-focused podcasts. One of the best podcasts on sustainable fashion in the German-speaking realm is We are Fashion Revolution. This is the official podcast of Fashion Revolution Germany, operated by a variety of hosts and editors. The podcast discusses green fashion that's good for the planet and people. It also questions current industry practices and raises awareness about the pressing issues in the fashion industry. A must-listen for every slow fashion enthusiast and activist.


Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023 SANVT sustainably influenced


8. Sustainably Influenced

Going beyond a podcast, columnist Bianco Foley has established Sustainably Influenced. It's a platform with news, headlines, and a blog all about sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It's like your one-stop style secret headquarters for all things eco-fab.

9. Fashion No Filter

Even though the Fashion No Filter podcast has been on pause since 2020, it produced numerous episodes for three years, offering intriguing insights into the fashion industry's behind-the-scenes. Led by fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, the podcast shed light on various aspects of the industry that were previously unknown to us. It's an enlightened view of fashion that invites us to be more critical.


Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023 SANVT preloved podcast


10. Pre-Loved Podcast

A topic often overlooked in sustainable fashion is the significance of second-hand and vintage fashion. The activist, author, and host of the Pre-Loved Podcast aims to change that. Since 2018, Emily Stochl has covered the global second-hand market, resellers, recycling, low-waste living, vintage styling tips, flea markets, thrift shops, and clothing rental. In this podcast, you'll learn everything you need to know about vintage fashion and how to dress more sustainably (and stylishly) through second-hand clothing.

The Best Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion in 2023: Conclusion

So, what's the runway takeaway? Podcasts are the sustainable fashion cheat sheet of the century. No other medium lets you tap so deeply into the knowledge and insights of experts, politicians, activists, journalists and fashion insiders. With our top 10 list of the best podcasts on sustainable fashion in 2023, you can quickly acquire a repertoire of fashion facts that enable you to make your consumption more conscious, enlighten others, and share your knowledge in engaging conversations. So, grab those earbuds, hit play and become a style icon that's conscious, chic, and ready to slay!