The Best Spring T-Shirts

Paulina Kulczycki

Spoiler alert: slowly but surely, we are moving towards spring. And with the longer days and the first rays of sunshine, our need for lighter spring looks also increases. One basic that can’t be missing in your spring outfits is the t-shirt. But what are the best spring t-shirts? At SANVT, we reveal the most important criteria you should consider when choosing your t-shirt for spring season.

Technically, the t-shirt is a must-have in every season – even in winter as a layering look. But spring is without a doubt our favourite season for the t-shirt because it can be combined in an extremely versatile way. After all, in springtime we celebrate the fact that we can bury our thick jumpers and sweatshirts back in the depths of our wardrobe. We can wear our t-shirts again in a more breezy way – possibly layered with a light cardigan or zip hoodie on cooler days. But before we introduce you to the best spring t-shirts, we’d like to give you a summary of the 6 most important criteria that your basic should meet:

What makes the best spring t-shirts:

  • Natural material, e.g. organic cotton or lyocell
  • Breathable and moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Light colours, black or timeless colours
  • Sustainably and fairly produced
  • Durable and robust premium quality
  • The right grammage, depending on the weather

Álvaro Guillén and Lucie Nouhant wearing the Perfect T-Shirt  and the Boyfriend T-Shirt by SANVT.

White t-shirt

You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt in spring – provided, of course, it meets all the above criteria. The Perfect T-Shirt by SANVT is made of 100% extra long fibre (ELS) cotton and is climate neutral, sustainable and fairly produced. The ELS cotton has a length of 37mm and is thus significantly longer than conventional cotton. This makes the medium-weight jersey fabric of our white t-shirt not only softer and more durable, but also extra breathable. The grammage of this iconic basic is 185 g/m², making it ideal for transitional seasons like spring. With this essential, you have a high-quality premium product that is long-lasting and timeless. Our white tee is also available as the Boyfriend T-Shirt for women, which guarantees a casual look for spring!

Julien Bergeron and Maya Jolina showing the Heavyweight T-Shirt and the Heavy Boyfriend T-Shirt in Black.

Black (heavy) t-shirt

If you’re more of an “all black everything” kind of person, then of course our t-shirts are also available in the colour black. And since the all-black look is more popular in the north, we assume that spring can still come to you with surprise snow showers. But don’t worry: our Heavy T-Shirt and Heavy boyfriend T-Shirt will keep you warm even on snowy spring days! Why is the t-shirt heavy, you ask? Because unlike the classic t-shirt, it comes in a grammage of 235 g/m². The extra heavy jersey is made from 100% finest cotton and offers increased thermal insulation and natural breatheability.

The specially developed knit structure of the heavy t-shirt has thermoregulating properties: despite the extra thickness and grammage, the material is air-permeable and suitable as a perfect base layer (also in autumn and winter).

Chris Fraas and Suzanna in the Lightweight Unisex T-Shirt by SANVT. Perfect for warm spring and summer days.

Off white (lightweight) t-shirt

From the extra-heavy t-shirt, now to the ultra-light tee. After all, it can get quite hot towards the end of spring, when summer is just around the corner. And it is precisely for these hot days that the Summer T-Shirt by SANVT and the Unisex Lightweight T-Shirt are ideal. Handmade from a fine mix of premium cotton and the biodegradable cellulose fibre lyocell, the summer tee comes in a grammage of 160 g/m². This makes the ultra-light t-shirt from SANVT particularly cool and smooth.

The material falls evenly and flowingly and can absorb moisture even better than conventional t-shirts thanks to the combination of organic cotton and lyocell. With the off white colour, the t-shirt also guarantees a bright, fresh look in late spring that reflects the sun’s hot rays instead of absorbing them.

Julien Bergeron and Lucie Nouhant in our new Perfect T-Shirt in Dark Red. For a little colour impact in Spring.

Dark red t-shirt

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our new Dark Red T-Shirt and Dark Red Boyfriend T-Shirt from SANVT. After all, the best t-shirts for spring are colourful ones! The colour dark red is timeless, elegant, not too flashy yet still a real eye-catcher. So if you want to add some colour impact to your spring outfits, a dark red t-shirt is ideal! Especially in combination with black or light beige tones, the colour shines. Like the perfect t-shirt in white, the t-shirt in dark red is made of 100% ELS cotton and has a weight of 185 g/m². Designed in Munich and handmade in Portugal, the t-shirt is the perfect sustainable basic for spring!

The best spring t-shirts: Conclusion

To find the best spring t-shirts, you have to consider your style and the weather, of course. But as long as your t-shirt is sustainable, natural, fair and breathable, you’ll be ready to rock your spring t-shirt looks!

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Photos by Julien Bergeron, Lucie Nouhant, Álvaro Guillén, Maya Jolina, Chris Fraas, Suzanna & Georg Mallner