Best summer fabrics: The 4 top materials for hot weather

Paulina Kulczycki

With every day of sunshine, summer seems to be getting a little closer. And as temperatures rise, a question arises: what are the best summer fabrics? Don’t we all want to avoid sweat stains and unpleasant odours in non-breathable clothing? So here at SANVT, we’ve looked into the top 4 materials to sustain the summer heat!

We are all familiar with the discomfort of sweat and its implications in terms of odour, feel and look. It’s easy to pick the wrong shirt from the wardrobe in the morning, and end up sweating profusely when the thermometer suddenly reaches record high temperatures. Materials such as fleece, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic or vinyl are among the no-go’s for summer clothing. Unsurprisingly, you may notice that this list consists mainly of synthetic materials that are not good for the environment either! They’re also absolutely unsuitable for summer and warm temperatures due to their lack of breathability. But what are the best summer fabrics then? Here is our sustainable selection to stay cool and chill on hot summer days.


The Perfect T-Shirt by SANVT in 185 GSM is made of 100% premium cotton (ELS). Worn by Zachory Lopez.

Organic cotton

A classic among sustainable summer textiles is organic cotton. As a textile, cotton is breathable, durable, biodegradable and guarantees a long-lasting product with pleasant wearing comfort, above all in ELS quality. Especially in lower GSMs (grams per square metre), the natural fibre is perfect for getting through the summer in an airy, light and cool way. The standard GSM of cotton is between 160 and 200 GSM, while ultra-light organic cotton fabrics for summer should ideally measure below 160 GSM.

What the heck is GSM, you ask? GSM is the measure of a textiles weight per square metre and basically determines the density and thickness of the material. It’s a great indicator whether a garment is suitable for summer or not! You can read more about GSM and the differences between heavy and light t-shirts here. In any case, organic cotton is a material you can hardly go wrong with – neither in summer nor in any other season to be honest.

Our Lightweight T-Shirt is made from a fine blend of Lyocell and premium cotton. Worn by Anastasios Moiras.

TENCEL™ Lyocell

Next to organic cotton, one of our all-time favourite fabrics is TENCEL™ Lyocell. Whether in summer or in transitional seasons, this natural, biodegradable and sustainable cellulose fibre is ideal for keeping a cool head in higher temperatures! The properties of Lyocell are a super light and smooth feel, opacity, extremely good breathability, elasticity and durability. The material is ultra-light, airy, functional and efficiently wicks moisture away from the body. This makes Lyocell just as suitable as organic cotton (if not even better) for hot weather and high temperatures. That’s why we’ve also made our Ultralight T-Shirt by SANVT in a fine mix of premium cotton and Lyocell. Read more about this sustainable material innovation here.


Another sustainable textile suitable for summer and warm temperatures is linen. Made from the versatile flax plant, this loosely woven natural fibre is extremely comfortable to wear and has lightweight, temperature-resistant and moisture-absorbing properties. Furthermore, linen dries very quickly and does not stick to the body – so even if you sweat excessively, linen is perfect! In addition, organic linen as a textile is robust, naturally moth-resistant and completely biodegradable – provided it is untreated and undyed. The only drawback: linen creases quickly. That’s why we recommend choosing a blended fabric of linen and cotton, so that your look is not only functional and weatherproof, but also wrinkle-resistant.


For a more playful look, chambray is a great alternative to jeans and denim in the summer. Chambray – also known as batiste – is a woven textile made from light cotton or linen fabric. Typical of chambray are the differently coloured warp and weft threads. At first glance, this makes chambray look monochrome, but on closer inspection, thin white threads show through. This gives the textile a so-called “frosted effect”, which lends it a certain gloss. In addition, the fabric is easy-care and dirt-resistant and has all the properties of cotton or linen. Another perfect fabric for the summer!

A few other suggestions

When it comes to the best summer fabrics, besides our top 4, there are a number of other good candidates for hot temperatures. These include seersucker, jersey, bamboo, hemp and ethical silk. But “in the heat of the moment” you definitely can’t go wrong with the materials listed above.

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The best summer fabrics

Don’t sweat it, dude. With organic cotton, Lyocell, linen and chambray, coolness in summer is guaranteed! These textiles are not only all breathable, lightweight and moisture-absorbing, they’re also natural. Our recommendation is to buy your summer clothes in minimalist designs and high quality organic fabrics to guarantee timeless, fair and ecological styles.

If you’re looking for summer outfit ideas, check out our style guide for summer looks for men and women. Now all there’s left to do is wait until the sun comes out!