What makes the best summer polo shirts?

Paulina Kulczycki

Heatwaves are falling one after the other on the Old Continent. More than ever, we must adapt our wardrobe (and purchasing habits) to this new paradigm. Breathable, functional clothes are the way to go. Along with lightweight t-shirts, the polo shirt is one of the most popular tops for men in the heat of the summer. But not all polo shirts are made for summer. So, what should you be looking for in the best summer polo shirts? Which material is the most breathable and which cut is best for being light and airy without losing style? At SANVT, we tell you what to look out for to find the best summer polo shirts!


The summer polo shirts fabric

Breathable material

Let's start with the most important feature of the best summer polo shirts, and that's the material. Polos in particular stand and fall on the right material. This is because quality, aesthetics and functionality depend on nothing else as much as on the fabric. Nowadays, polo shirts are available in a wide variety of designs and qualities – from blended fabrics to cotton and polyester. But a truly high-quality and premium polo should be made of a fine piqué fabric. Piqué is a double weave fabric, usually made of cotton and characterised by raised parallel cords and geometric patterns in the weave. As a traditional woven style, piqué is characterised not only by its waffle-knit texture but also by its durable quality. Not only that, piqué is an easy-care, breathable and extremely absorbent fabric that is comfortable to wear.

So, the best summer polo shirts should be made of fine piqué from 100% organic cotton to guarantee breathability, softness and sustainability. It is best to choose your polo in white or light colours to reflect the sun instead of absorbing it. The material should not be too light but should be made of a rather heavier fabric to avoid possible transparency due to traces of sweat. That's why for our perfect polo shirt we chose a medium weight piqué fabric with a GSM of 220 g/m², to combine lightness and quality in one product. You can read more about the double weave piqué here.


The best summer polo shirts cut

The perfect cut

Besides the material, the cut is another important factor that can define the best summer polo shirt. Why? Because a polo shirt that is too tight in the summer will be somewhat asphyxiating, while a polo that is too loosely cut will lack all its elegance. It really comes down to finding the perfect middle ground: a sporty slim fit with subtle side slits for more freedom of movement is exactly what you should be looking for. Unfortunately, in most cases it's difficult to find the perfect width without the polo shirt looking too short or too long. That's why we at SANVT have optimised the classic sizing system and offer you the possibility to choose your polo shirt according to width and length – so we guarantee an ideal fit for all body types.


The best summer polo shirts collar

It all comes down to the details

Besides the colour, the material and the cut, there are other small but significant design details that matter when you're trying to find the best summer polo shirts. We advise polo shirts without a chest pocket, as they have set the tone for stylish menswear for years. Not only can breast pockets quickly look stuffy, but they also add another layer of fabric – albeit partially – which affects the polo's ability to breathe. Another crucial detail is the collar: we recommend a minimalist shark collar with a seamless button front à la French Placket and buttons made of real mother-of-pearl for a subtle luxurious touch. Last but not least, and as always: less is more! A minimalist design in your polo guarantees you a timeless product that will become your new favourite piece not only in summer, but throughout the seasons.


The perfect polo shirt by SANVT

Minimalist design brings us to our perfect polo shirt from SANVT. After all, we specialise in timeless, minimalist, high-quality and sustainable essentials that are fairly and carbon-neutrally produced in family-owned Portuguese factories. That's why we've also developed our polo with the utmost attention to detail, allowing us to redefine the fashion classic for the modern man. A polo shirt is much more than just a functional and sporty top — it is the perfect bridge between a casual t-shirt and an elegant shirt. It's a smart, functional and classy must-have for every season and occasion. And if you’re still on the hunt for the best summer polo shirts, we believe the perfect polo shirt from SANVT definitely hits the spot. Discover arguably the best polo in the world and wear it with a clear conscience for people, the environment and climate.

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Photos by Anastasios Moiras and Chris Fraas