Five of the Best Sustainable Fashion Apps

Paulina Kulczycki

By now, the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment and climate change are an open secret. But as our awareness grows, we still need an answer to question where we can find sustainable fashion. Fast fashion (and greenwashing) is everywhere – what about sustainable fashion? We have often heard, that many people want to reduce their impact through their fashion choices, yet, they simply don’t know how. That’s why SANVT has researched the top 4 sustainable fashion apps to help you take the first steps towards a sustainable and ethical wardrobe. 

The journey from a wardrobe full of fast fashion, polyester and animal products such as leather, silk and fur, to a sustainable wardrobe with bio-based materials and natural products that are fairly produced, can seem long, daunting and full of obstacles. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure about how to make changes and then quickly give up.

“Change paralysis” is a real thing! That’s why it’s important to take it step by step, and find the tools and apps that make this process so much smoother and light-hearted. Getting a detailed and informed overview of which brands are actually sustainable is no easy feat – especially with an ever-growing wave of greenwashing campaigns going on at the moment. You’d have to spend hours googling (or ecosia-ing) sustainable fashion brands, reading through slow fashion blogs or scrolling endlessly on Instagram under the hashtag #sustainablefashion. But on your own, you’re mostly going to feel even more confused. We believe that this roundup of some of the best sustainable fashion apps could end that struggle once and for all!

Here are the best sustainable fashion apps at a glance:

We believe these sustainable fashion apps could help you make more ethical fashion choices!

Good on You

After the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh in 2013, which killed over 1000 people, the developers of Good on You found themselves repeatedly talking to people who wanted to buy fashion more ethically but simply didn’t know where to start. And it was precisely this cluelessness that inspired them to create the Good On You app, bringing more transparency to the fashion industry. Based on data from renowned organisations such as Greenpeace and Carbon Trust, the fashion app rates more than 2000 brands on a scale of 1 to 5 according to ethical performance. The sustainable fashion app takes into account factors such as working conditions and the use of animal products. A must have!

SYW (Save Your Wardrobe) Sustainable Wardrobe

With the Good On You app, at least the hunt for verified sustainable brands has become so much easier. But what do you do with all the clothing you already own? The Save Your Wardrobe app helps you reconnect with what you don’t wear anymore by digitalising all your clothes and accessories. How does that work? You simply take a photo of your clothes and the fashion app automatically removes the background and marks the features – such as brand, category and colour. You can then access your wardrobe from your phone and plan your outfits directly from the app!

Sustainable fashion isn’t only about buying climate-friendly items. We should also focus on wearing our clothes for as long as possible in order to have a long-term and therefore sustainable benefit. Save Your Wardrobe not only brings back to life your ‘old’ clothes, it also helps you take proper care of them. The app elegantly lets you book repairs, cleanings, make donations, and connects you with upcycling services! Connected with the ratings from Good On You, Save Your Wardrobe rates how sustainable your wardrobe already is, helping you to make better choices in the future. Two birds fed with one scone!


Speaking of your old clothes: what about those pieces you no longer wear? One option is to resell them at flea markets, so the clothes can be given a second life. Second-hand is another great way to consume fashion more sustainably. But if you don’t feel like spending hours at flea markets, the Depop app offers the convenience of selling your old clothes online – and, of course, getting your hands on some new second-hand treasures. This sustainable fashion app also gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends and build a network of vintage lovers around the world. Pretty cool!

Fat Llama

What if one piece of clothing could be partially owned by several people? Wouldn’t that automatically reduce the amount we produce each year? Fat Llama turned this idea into a reality, by letting you rent clothes instead of buying them. It’s especially convenient for special occasions, where you could be tempted to buy clothes only for this occasion. So instead of buying something new, and if you can’t rely on your best friend’s wardrobe, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Fat Llama app.

Like many other platforms, such as YCloset, Yeechoo, Le Tote or Rent the Runway, where you can rent high-quality designer clothing, you can find all kinds of clothes on the Fat Llama app. From wedding clothes to vintage pieces to streetwear and costumes, you can rent clothes from people near you at affordable prices. This sustainable fashion app sets an ideal example of a circular economy, where ownership doesn’t matter anymore and sharing makes so much more sense.


Another exciting app that has recently hit the market is Renoon. On Renoon, you can discover products and brands that match your sustainability values. All brands have to go through an assessment before they and their products appear in the app, where it is determined how sustainable and responsible they actually are. Users can also share their experiences in the app and report possible greenwashing suspicions. This creates a transparent overview of fashion brands for which not only style but also sustainable values are important. You can also learn a lot of interesting facts about sustainability in the app's integrated blog. And by the way: SANVT is also part of Renoon!

Using these 5 fashion apps can definitely smoothen the transition from fast fashion to slow fashion. They bring style, diversity, affordability, and make it so much more fun to adopt a conscious wardrobe.