Best Sustainable Golf Clothing for Men | Interview with a Golf Coach

Cosima Haas

Looks simple from afar, but requires years of practice and discipline: but that's what makes golf so special, thinks Diego van Schaik. The freelance golf coach has been playing and teaching the sport for many years and wants to represent it dignified and positively. The best way to do that, of course, is through clothing. We styled him on the dutch golf court "BurgGolf" with our most breathable, flexible essentials and asked him a few questions about his passion for golf.

Diego van Schaik x SANVT

Diego discovered his passion for golf at a young age. One day he finally decided to share his knowledge of the sport and got qualified as a golf instructor. As he lives close to the Germany-Netherlands border, it enables him to freelance at three different golf courses in two countries.

Diego: "I love playing golf. However, I enjoy teaching golf to others even more. To master the sport well is not easy and above all it requires mental strength. To take the complexity out of the sport, I come in and try to explain and teach my students golf in a simple way."

Golf dress code: Long trousers, compulsory collar and clean shoes


When you think of sportswear, the first thing that comes to mind is short training trousers made of jersey fabric or polyester. But same as bright colours, these have no place on the golf court. Or have you ever seen top golfers like Scottie Scheffler or Rory Mcllroy in a printy, bright-yellow T-shirt? Diego is also aware of this:

Diego: "As a golf instructor, a presentable appearance on the golf course is a must. Clothing plays an important role in this. Since I usually have a long working day, my clothes have to be able to withstand a lot. At SANVT, I get high quality and the perfect fit to do my job best and represent it proudly."

Do's and Dont's in Men's Golf clothing

On international golf courses there is a certain dress code that all golfers must adhere to.


  • Shirts with collars, f.ex. Polo Shirts - usually tucked in
  • Long trousers
  • Clean shoes with soft spikes or studs
  • Baseball caps with a visor that points forward


  • Denim or Jeans 
  • Cargo Shorts
  • Other athletic wear, f.ex. Yoga Leggins
  • Trousers that are too loose or too tight
  • (Prined) Tops, T-Shirts or Crop-Tops
  • Flip Flops

However, the golf dress code can vary, depending on the rules of the venue you are playing at. More exclusive golf courses usually have a stricter golf dress code.

From teeing off to putting: the perfect golf clothing for men from SANVT

Since Diego pretty much spents his entire day on the golf course, he needs clothes that are not only flexible or elastic, but also fit well on his body. Thanks to over 20 different sizes at SANVT, Diego quickly found his perfect fit at SANVT. All that's missing are the ideal essentials for the next game:

Golf pants: The Perfect Chino

Even though shorter trousers are 'allowed' at the Golf according to the dress code, longer trousers are preferred. Our Smart Chino is the ideal trouser for the golf course. The organic cotton share (97%) of the fabric mix ensures a comfortable fit while regulating temperature and moisture. The 3% elastane makes the chino flexible and gives you the freedom of movement you need when practicing golf. Smart features such as a hidden smartphone pocket at the front increase mobility on the golf course. With a staggered anchor eyelet closure, hidden drawstrings and an elastic waistband, the chino adapts to the body and sits perfectly not only on the hips, but also on the leg. So you don't have to worry about your golf clothes slipping. The perfect fit is supported by our innovative sizing system. Diego wears the Perfect Chino in beige in size S / Longer.

The Perfect Polo Shirt: Eco-friendly Golf Shirt

Because collars are compulsory when golfing, the answer to the right shirt is obvious: the Perfect Polo Shirt. It is made of a 220 GSM piqué fabric and consists of 100% pure organic cotton. The polo's finely structured double weave is particularly noticeable in its increased breathability and durability. The Perfect Polo Shirt maintains the original, sporty cut and enhances the look with luxurious details, such as a seamless placket made of genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. The side slits of the polo guarantee maximum freedom of movement. So every golf session is a success - no matter what the slope. Diego wears the polo shirt in the color grey melange in size S / Regular.

SANVT Essentials: Versatile, timeless & suitable for (really) any occasion.

Our Premium Essentials are designed to last you a long time and are so versatile that they can be worn for different occasions. Whether casual in everyday life, chic for special occasions or sporty on the golf course. This is made possible above all by the high-quality materials we use for all our products. The stretch fabric of one of our bestsellers, the Smart Chino, for example, is made in Italy from organic cotton and elastane. In addition to the materials used, the meticulous artisanship of the fabrics rounds off the exceptional quality of our Essentials: all our products are handmade in Portugal. We have a long-standing relationship with all our factories and visit them regularly. It is important to us that we are not only respectful of nature in our production, but also of people. Diego shares this opinion with us:

Diego: "I think it is important to treat every person fairly and without prejudice. I act accordingly, and I hope to receive the same respect. What I like about SANVT is that they use sustainable materials for their clothes and that workers are treated and paid fairly. I find it impressive how they act sustainably and fairly while offering their clothes at the best value for money."

A big thank you to the team from BurgGolf for providing us their golf court in Purmerend. Did you know they have six golf courts in the Netherlands? Check them out here.