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Paulina Kulczycki

You think chinos are only for summer? Well, you thought wrong! With the right chino made from a heavier, denser, and more heat-regulating material, you can have the perfect pants for winter. At SANVT, we tell you about the key qualities for the best winter chinos that will keep your legs much warmer than jeans or corduroy pants.


Every fashion-conscious man knows and loves chinos as a timeless classic for spring and summer. They are light, airy, and the perfect balance between casual and formal. Chinos are not only functional and breathable but also smart and stylish. However, a timeless pair of pants for winter is also a must-have!

At SANVT, we wanted to bring the same elegance and functionality to a pair of winter pants as we do with chinos in the summer, so we developed the Winter Chino. Now, in addition to thick corduroy pants, sweatpants, vintage wool pants, and jeans, you can also include chinos in your winter outfits!


Key qualities to look for in the best winter chinos:

  • Material: a blend of fine organic cotton and elastane (sustainable stretch fabric)
  • Higher GSM value: A material density of over 400 g/m²
  • Colour: darker shades, such as black or navy


best winter chinos SANVT

Heavyweight Chino from SANVT in Navy.


Like all of our clothing, the best winter chinos should be made from natural and sustainable organic textiles. Given the climate crisis and the fashion industry's status as a huge polluter, it is important to make more conscious shopping choices. By doing so, we not only look smart in our chinos but also act responsibly by considering the climate, environment, animals, people, and our own future.  

While classic chinos are made from lightweight twill fabric, a blend of premium quality organic cotton with a small amount of elastane is suitable for winter chinos. The cotton provides natural temperature and moisture regulation in winter, and the elastane adds elasticity and comfortable wear.


best winter chinos SANVT heavyweight material

Higher GSM value

However, for the chino to be suitable for cold temperatures in winter, the material density must be higher than in conventional chinos. High quality chinos for summer have a GSM value of up to 250-300 g/m². Our Smart Chino, for example, is made from a fine 290 g/m² stretch cotton, making it ideal for spring and summer. Our Winter Chino has a GSM value of 420 g/m². The diagonal weave structure, combined with an extra loose weaving technique, encloses air effectively and stores heat better and longer. This means our heavyweight chino pants can be worn on both cooler and typically warm "chino days."

You can read more about the differences between our smart chino and our heavyweight chino here.


best winter chinos SANVT style

@orlando_rizzuti in SANVT winter chino in black.


In the height of summer, we love chinos in lighter colours such as beige or khaki and in the transitional seasons we prefer grey or olive green. In the winter, however, darker colours like black or dark blue fit well - especially since light pants get dirty quickly in all the (snow) rain and mud. 


The best winter chinos from SANVT

Our Heavyweight Chino by SANVT is available in colours: Navy, Black and Grey. The timeless design ensures that the pants have an elegant and smart appearance without losing their casual appeal. Not only that, our winter chino is made of organic cotton, fairly produced in Portugal and even CO2 compensated afterwards, making it climate neutral.

Our innovative sizing system also ensures an ideal fit, as you can purchase the pants in six different widths and three different lengths. The anchor eyelet closure and elastic waistband with hidden cord provide an extra perfect fit. The deep side pockets with hidden smartphone holder and double secured back pockets make the chino functional and suitable for everyday wear, as well as for the office and even for traveling. 

Additionally, due to the high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, the chino will not lose its shape or colour even after frequent washing.


The best winter chinos: conclusion

To summarize, the best winter chinos can be identified by their sustainable premium material, high GSM value, and darker color that can be incorporated into any winter outfit. 

Styled with an elegant black turtleneck knit sweater, black boots, and a black trench coat, or with a light blue oxford shirt, brown suit shoes, and a camel-colored straight-cut coat, our heavyweight chino will look its best. But it also makes a cool appearance with a navy sweatshirt, a beige corduroy bomber jacket, and white sneakers. Therefore, depending on the style, you can wear the classic chino to almost any occasion - an essential that men's fashion has been missing!


Photos by Valentin Rudloff & Orlando Rizzuti

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