Better Made Essentials. Welcome to SANVT.

SANVT Journal

…was the question we were asking ourselves when the idea of SANVT was born. For us, the search for a great tee has been nagging us for years. It seemed impossible to find one well-made with a great fit at the right price. We realised that this challenge was not only exclusive for T-Shirts.  For essential clothing in general, it seems consumers are left with only two choices: extremely low-quality basics from High Street Stores or expensive branded essentials from luxury brands. It seems impossible to find better made essentials at a fair price.


At SANVT, we’ve started with the search for the perfect T-Shirt and will gradually develop a concise collection of premium wardrobe essentials available exclusively online. Our drive is to do simple things exceptionally well. We only use the highest quality materials and work with the best factories in Europe. Sanvt is not a conventional luxury brand: we believe quality should be affordable. By keeping internal costs low, our innovative business model allows us to offer luxury clothing way below traditional retail prices.


SANVT is a fashion start-up with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. However, we collaborate with crafters, makers and designers around Europe. Most importantly, we will continuously collaborate with our customers. We understand the search for the perfect garment as a journey, not just as the final result. This is why our product development will never stand still. By learning from past experiences and listening to customer feedback, we aim to improve our products with every release or new production run. This means that you can be assured each garment from SANVT will be even better than the previous one.

Scenes inside our T-Shirt Factory near Barcelos, Portugal


The fashion industry is able to frequently offer new designs and collections, so consumers can feel “on trend” all the time. Constantly moving to a new design cycle, the conventional fashion business model doesn’t leave much time to design and develop great, timeless products. This might be why so many traditional brands fail at doing simple things extraordinarily well.

At SANVT, we rethought the traditional business approach to fashion. We don’t think a great white T-Shirt needs to be reinvented every season. Unlike traditional fashion brands, we are not following fleeting trends on an arbitrary seasonal calendar. Instead of redesigning an entire collection season after season, we simply want to create better basics. This is why we will offer a permanent, all-year collection with garments that went through an extensive design, development and test process.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi
Since we don’t launch a new collection every season, we can take the required time throughout the development process to relook at every single detail of a garment and try to come closer to perfection with every stitch.