The 24h Trousers - Chino Style Inspiration

Cosima Haas

Especially in everyday life, starting the day can be really stressing. While making coffee, eating breakfast and planning the day after work, one still has to pick an outfit for the day - preferably one that can be used for the whole day and matches different occasions. At SANVT we know that outfit choices sometimes have to be made quickly. That's why we designed Essentials that can be worn during the whole day and are as flexible as your daily life. Get inspired on how to wear the Smart Chino for the whole day - featured by Influencer Julian Piket (@julianpiket). 


The ideal office outfit should meet the following criteria: you should feel comfortable and confident in the outfit, it should be adapted to the company and still give all-day comfort. Despite all these requirements, there is good news: the Smart Chino fulfils all these criteria and can then still be styled casually for Afterwork or Freetime. With our Style Inspiration with Influencer Julian Piket, we will show you why, especially the Smart Chino, is an all-year Must-Have, that can be worn for the whole day. 

On the way to work: 8:00-9:00 AM

Whether it's summer or winter - it can be a little colder in the morning on the way to work at any time of year. So you can never go wrong with a pair of Smart Chinos combined with a White Shirt. The high cotton content (97%) of the Smart Chino ensures moisture management and offers all-year-round comfort. Even during hot underground rides.

At the office: 9:15-12:00 PM

Comfort should not be neglected despite the office environment. Therefore the Smart Chino features an offset anchor-eye closure, hidden cords and an elastic waistband. It not only fits perfectly around the hips but also on the leg. It can then be styled according to the company you are working with - either paired with a White Shirt in a more business-look (as seen on the photo) or with a T-Shirt, so that it looks more casual. The fact that there are many different possible styling options with the Chino makes this Essential very sustainable and saves a lot of time planning outfits and gives Julian more time to do business calls. 

Lunch time: 12:15-1:15 PM

Time to have a break! Thanks to the Smartphone pocket on the front and two more pockets on the back, small items can be taken out from the office to the café or restaurant. Convenient, isn't it? When having a coffee or lunch in a restaurant, one might not necessarily want to look like coming straight out of the office. For this occasion the Chino can be styled with a Wool-Blend Sweatshirt on top of the White Shirt to transform the outfit into a more casual look.

Back at the office: 1:30-6:30 PM

The chino's classy fabric mix of stretch cotton (97%) and elastane (3%) allows you to get through those last few hours at the office comfortably. Julian paired the Chino with a pair of black leather shoes and the White Oxford Shirt. The chicness of the Smart Chino kind of speaks for itself and Julian doesn't need ties and other accessories aren't needed.  

Afterwork Time: 6:45-10:30 PM

Afterwork Drinks with colleagues, but no time to make big outfit changes? How about switching the Oxford Shirt to a White T-Shirt? With the right clothing pieces, it is possible to go from a more business look into a casual look in less than a few second, matching free-time activities after work. Last things last: get into comfortable sneakers and put on some accessories like a nice pair of sunglasses or a bag pack to complete your look. 

Photo credits: Julian Piket (@julianpiket)