Tuck or knot? 5 different ways to wear a basic tee for women

SANVT Journal

  1. The Classic Look
  2. The Casual T-Shirt Sleeves
  3. The Classic Knot
  4. The Hidden Knot
  5. The “Old” Fashion Way

The Classic Look

The first and the most popular way to wear a Shirt is to tuck it into your trousers or pants: this is a real classic among T-Shirt options. However, bear in mind there is not just one way to tuck it into your denim or trousers; there are many possibilities. You could tuck it completely into the trousers, like Elvira below, but you could also tuck only the front part or only the back part of the shirt into the waistband.

The Boyfriend T-Shirt from SANVT.

The Casual T-Shirt Sleeves

Our second style focuses on the sleeves because they are often overlooked when it comes to mixing it up with a T-shirt. This is a shame because it’s often the sleeves that can really transform the look. For example, they can be turned inside out to achieve a casual, free-spirited 1960s look – or inside out to change the shirt almost into a top.

The Classic Knot

Knots are the subtleties to wisely turn to when it comes to styling a T-shirt differently. And there are countless possibilities to knot a T-Shirt: you could knot a T-Shirt in the middle of the front, or on the side, the back, or further up to turn the shirt into a crop shirt. (Pro Tip: If you find it difficult to make a knot with the fabric alone, you could also use a thin elastic).

The Hidden Knot

And if you like to experiment with knots, you could easily turn the knot inwards and achieve a more minimalist look. Remember, there are no rules here and you can twist the knot inwards on your stomach, back or side, as you wish.

The “Old” Fashion Way 

Almost completely lost in time already, our last variation is a classic that you just don’t see that often anymore. How much sense would it make to let the T-shirt simply fall again loosely? In this way, especially with oversized T-shirts, you can achieve a standout and somewhat edgy look.

As you can see, basic T-shirts don’t always have to be worn in a boring way, there are many possibilities to wear a plain white T-shirt and try out different looks. And now that sustainability and quality are becoming more important, make sure that you choose quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, so that you can keep your basics for a long time. Because basics never go out of fashion. You can find a high-quality basic T-Shirts here at SANVT.