Do good with donations

Lesley Krijan

SANVT was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Munich and has been anchored in the Bavarian capital ever since. This city is probably best known for Oktoberfest, which before pandemic times was visited by around six million national and international visitors each year. But many also know Munich for its high cost of living. In only a few German cities, social classes come together as strongly as here. And that is why it is a personal concern of ours to support Munich’s citizens.

The Munich Tafel

The Tafel is a registered association based on donations, that is represented at over 950 different locations. It has set itself the task of counteracting two major problems:
  1. Food waste: 12 million tons of food end up in the garbage in Germany every year. This corresponds to a per capita waste of about 75 kilos! Quite often, the food that is thrown away is still fit for consumption. By throwing away this food, we do not only pollute our environment and harm our climate but also create an enormous ethical problem.
  2. Poverty and hunger: Especially because of the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs – the tendency to poverty is increasing. And as absurd as it may seem to many, there is a risk for everyone to become poor. In Munich, this risk is even at its highest with 18%. The consequences of poverty are hunger, social isolation, and mental health problems. And the way back into life is difficult.
Therefore, the Tafel works according to the guiding principle: “Save food. Help people”. Their main task is to collect surplus food and pass it on to those in need. Moreover, many locations also offer additional services such as childcare or a hot lunch. In this way, they provide people in need with food and establish a place for them where they can find support, security, and social interaction. For many, the Tafel e.V. is an important source of supply and often also the first step back into a carefree life.

At our headquarters in Munich, the work of the Tafel is particularly important because the risk of becoming poor here is extremely high.

The charity work is based on donations and would not be realizable without financial, material, or voluntary support. With the aid of a broad network of partners, the Tafel has been successfully fighting poverty and food waste for many years. This is why we at SANVT are pleased to have had the opportunity to financially support them as well.

Donations made easy!

Would you also like to make your contribution to the Tafel? Find various donation options here:
Tafel e.V. Germany
Did you know? Even small donations have a big purpose. Many participating supermarkets now offer you the opportunity to make donations through your deposit to various charities, including the Tafel.