Fashion for couples: Can it be cool?

SANVT Journal

Probably everyone has seen it: couples in cringeworthy matching or coordinated outfits. In some parts of Europe, a widespread phenomena is long-term couples wearing exactly the same functional outdoor jacket, blue jeans and hiking boots. Unfortunately, a spectacle not only spotted in the outdoors but also in busy pedestrian zones during Saturday shopping hours.

…fashion for couples can be cool… 

But still, couple styling can also be cool and fashionable and to backup this claim we teamed up with Lucie and Julien; the creative couple behind @regards.semblables. The two went on a mission to show that couple styling doesn’t always mean awkward. Wearing a selection of SANVT unisex essentials Lucie and Julien are not only living proof that styling as a couple can look great, they are also bringing some refreshing French summer vibes into our blog…

Simple, timeless, androgynous

Understated minimal basics such as plain T-Shirts, Sweatshirts or Hoodies can be the perfect timeless ingredient for a cute matching look that causes no cringe whatsoever. And a more androgynous style for her is becoming increasingly fashionable. So, choosing a unisex T-Shirt for her with a mildly masculine fit (or even wearing it noticeably oversized) can be a look that just works.

Colour game: the versatility of the perfect T-Shirt

Of course, with couple styles, T-shirt colours can differ and do not need to be the same – especially if the couple wants to make sure that it is not so conspicuous that they are trying to coordinate by wearing the same garment.

The cut and fit might be the same, but the garment can be styled distinctly: ‘tucking it in’ is a great option for The Boyfriend T-Shirt, while men should generally keep The Perfect T-Shirt out of the trousers – especially during summer.

Swapping garments: Hoodie vs. Sweatshirt

For a successful couple style, even swapping or mixing similar garments is possible (and in some cases even desired): we’re big fans of this couple style, with Lucie wearing The Boyfriend Sweatshirt while Julien wears The Hooded Counterpart. Again, it is an option to mix colour too but remember to stick to timeless shades: for sweatshirts a clean black or a classic grey marl will never go out of fashion.

Great style for a great couple

Unisex styling is surely on trend. But working with an incredible creative couple who can pull it off so stylishly has been eye-opening. Big thanks again to Lucie and Julien the two talented individuals behind @regards.semblables. Creative direction, production and post has been all done by their hands…

Fashion for couples by SANVT

All garments from SANVT are not only pure luxury they are also certainly suitable for couple styling. The minimal design and clean silhouettes are perfect for unisex styling. Since all SANVT essentials are based on men’s builds, though, it’s important to remember that women should either go one size down (to have a similar fit to their usual size) or go for great oversized boyfriend look.

Photography by courtesy of @regards.semblables