Finding the perfect T-Shirt: Fit, Quality & Price matter

SANVT Journal

  • A great fit – suitable for individual body shapes and preferences. This is hard to find due to limited options in conventional sizing systems.
  • Colour durability: mainstream t-shirts lose colour easily after a few washes.
  • Shape durability: this is another problem of commercially produced t-shirts due to the use of low quality materials.
  • The traditional fashion business model leaves two options: cheap and low quality / or inflated prices for luxury labels.
  • A direct sales model, new sizing system and the use of premium materials enable SANVT to overcome these common shortcomings of traditional fashion brands.

Things that matter: Fit, price and quality 

During the search for the perfect T-Shirt, we asked men and women around the world what it takes to make the perfect one. It’s not surprising that expectations regarding design are massively dependant on individual tastes: some people like colour, some print and some prefer a clean and minimal look, with a strong focus on white, black and grey. Even though T-Shirt tastes vary, we found plenty of similarities when asking for objective characteristics of a T-Shirt. In general, the desired properties of the Perfect T-Shirt can be grouped in the following three categories:

  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Price


Fit is the number one criterion when looking for the perfect T-Shirt. Yet ironically, actually fitting is an area where most T-Shirts seem to fall short. Challenges to find a well-fitting tee are widespread. Most shirts either fit great around the chest and shoulders but then are too short or too long around the waist, or in the sweet spot in length but are too wide around the top.

The fashion industry’s size system assumes people are built like identical androids in only five sizes. The standardised size ranges, from extra-small (XS) to extra-large (XL) don’t account for varying body shapes in between. At SANVT we want to change the status quo. In addition to the usual widths, our customers can customize length and width separately. Based on consumer data, the perfect T-Shirt from SANVT will be offered in plenty of width/length combinations to ensure the best possible fit for almost any body shape or style preference.


As a consumer, you value quality in your clothing. Our research showed a nostalgia for the old days, when garments were made to last and cherish. But what does quality actual mean to most people? And what happens nowadays to clothes after a few washes?

Fading: When colours fade fast turning red to pink and pearl white to an ugly grey, after just a few washes.

Losing shape: When the perfect fitting shirt starts bulging in all the wrong places. It doesn’t take much to make the stitching on low quality clothes get misaligned.

Shrinking: When your M turns to an S in just one wash, and you’ve barely started on your New Year’s fitness resolution.

Pilling: Those annoying, little balls of cotton that form on the surface of fabrics. Extensive pilling also causes the garment to get thinner in areas over time and eventually forming holes

The perfect T-Shirt from SANVT addresses these exact issues. Our T-Shirt is made from 100% extra-long staple cotton, the secret ingredient that makes our T-Shirts one of the softest around. The fabric is made with stronger fibres that resist pilling while making sure the T-Shirt doesn’t lose its shape. The premium raw material also helps in the dying process, absorb colour better, resulting in richer and longer lasting shades. All our T-Shirts are made by craftswomen and men in Europe. Their vast experience and utmost attention to detail ensure that seams and stitch-lines stay in shape wash after wash. All 100% cotton products will shrink during the first wash, that’s why all of our garments come pre-washed to minimize shrinkage and avoid any surprises after you wash it for the first time.

The perfect T-Shirt from SANVT. Close-up of 100% premium Cotton.


On a basic product like a T-Shirt, price is still as important factor as ever. Consumers are looking for real tangible value for their money, not cheap, disposable junk or overpriced brands. In the traditional fashion scene, you normally just have two options: either you get low prices, low quality on high-street or luxury brands at prices you need to think twice if you can afford it. With either option you’re getting a great value product.

SANVT is different! We work directly with our European factories and selling our products directly to you online. This way, we save costs and don’t pay middlemen, give margins to wholesale partners or pay exorbitant rents for shiny retail stores. Instead, we invest in the actual quality of our garments and not its logo. SANVT offers luxury quality at a fair price.