How should a roll neck sweater fit?

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Roll neck sweaters are the undisputed heroes of winter essentials. They don't just keep us warm and shield our throats and necks from the biting wind – they're also the ultimate base for layering looks and the foundation of cool styles on even cooler days. But, how should a roll neck sweater fit? At SANVT, we're revealing seven criteria for nailing the perfect fit of your turtleneck.

When we talk roll necks, our minds often drift to Steve Jobs – the man who made the black turtleneck his iconic signature look. No one epitomized minimalism in design and style quite like the Apple visionary. Yet the allure of roll necks extends beyond the minimalists. Steve McQueen rocked the roll neck already in the 1968 film "Bullit," turning it into an influential It-Piece that left an indelible mark on 70s fashion.

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Today, roll neck sweaters are among the most classic tops. They come in all sorts of variations: whether it's sweat or knit, oversized or slim fit, colourful and patterned or elegant and plain. But how should a roll neck sweater fit to remain timeless and stylish for years and years to come? Using our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater at SANVT as an example, we unveil the seven criteria that define a roll neck as a high-quality and sustainable essential.


How should a roll neck sweater fit SANVT knit


How Should a Roll Neck Fit: 7 Criteria at a Glance:

  • Width: Straight cut, not too tight, not too loose
  • Length: Finishing at the hip bones
  • Collar: Snug, ribbed for elasticity
  • Sleeves: Close-fitting with defined shoulders
  • Hem and Cuffs: 2x1 rib knit to resist stretching
  • Material: Cashmere-wool blend for unparalleled softnes
  • Knit: Fine knit for a refined look


1. Width

A timeless roll neck sweater should have a straight cut, striking a balance between snug and roomy. Instead of choosing between the extremes of oversized or slim fit, go for a fit that hugs without constricting – giving you freedom of movement and the possibility of layering. The ideal roll neck sweater should accommodate a few extra holiday pounds without looking overly snug, yet without ever looking worn out. And because our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater is pre-washed, you won't have to worry about it shrinking.


2. Length

The length of your roll neck sweater depends on whether you prefer tucking it in or casually letting it drape over your pants. If you plan on tucking it into chinos, opt for a slightly shorter model to avoid unnecessary fabric bulk. But if you lean towards a more relaxed look and want to wear it over your pants, go for a slightly longer model that finishes at the mid-hip or hip bones. Fortunately, our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater allows you to choose both width and length, ensuring a customized fit for your body type, style and needs.


How should a roll neck sweater fit grey SANVT knitwear


3. Collar

The collar is a crucial element of a roll neck sweater – it's what defines it, after all. At SANVT, we prefer a medium-height roll neck that finishes at the Adam's apple, leaving a bit of space towards the jawline. The roll neck shouldn't be too tight, allowing us ample breathing space. A vertical ribbed pattern on the collar provides the necessary structure, preventing unwanted wrinkles or folds.


4. Sleeves

Just like the fit of the sweater itself, the sleeves should be straight and snug to avoid excess volume or a stretched-out look. A slightly angular cut on the shoulders creates definition, giving the sweater structure and maintaining an optically upright posture.


5. Hem and Cuffs

At SANVT, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to the perfect fit. That's why our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater features a 2x1 rib knit on the hem and cuffs. Hand-knitted for a delicate appearance and ensuring the sweater retains its shape over time. Say goodbye to saggy sleeves!


How should a roll neck sweater fit black SANVT knitwear


6. Material

Our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater from SANVT is crafted from a premium blend of 100% GRS certified recycled materials. The wool and cashmere components provide incredible softness, warmth, and breathability, while the viscose and polyamide ensure exceptional durability. Smooth in comfort yet robust enough to withstand numerous seasons and winter adventures. True sustainability is quality that lasts a lifetime.


7. Knit

The fineness of the knit pattern significantly influences the quality of a roll neck sweater. At SANVT, we've opted for a 12-gauge fineness, resulting in a delicate surface, maximum comfort, and an elegant appearance.


The Perfect Roll Neck Sweater by SANVT

Beyond meeting all the criteria mentioned above, our Perfect Roll Neck Sweater is also climate-neutral, sustainably produced, and ethically made in Portugal. We use 100% recycled materials, saving valuable resources like water and energy in the process. By avoiding the production of new fabrics through recycling, we keep our ecological footprint minimal and contribute to preserving our planet. The remaining, inevitable emissions are being offset, providing you with a comprehensively sustainable product.

Furthermore, we use the "Fully Fashioned" method during manufacturing, ensuring our sweater is knitted and assembled without excess fabric waste. Instead of layering pattern pieces and cutting off excess fabric, this technique utilises only the amount of fabric needed. Thanks to this sophisticated method, production waste is nearly eliminated, resulting in a zero-waste product with even greater fit precision.


How should a roll neck sweater fit SANVT knitwear


How Should a Roll Neck Sweater Fit: Conclusion

Achieving the perfect fit for a roll neck sweater involves considering multiple factors related to fit, cut, and material. But by following our guide and the seven essential criteria, you're guaranteed to find a timeless and stylish roll neck sweater that keeps you warm and simultaneously effortlessly cool throughout winter. That’s especially true if you opt for the Perfect Roll Neck Sweater from SANVT, available in Grey Melange or Black.

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Photos by Anastasios Moiras, LionelChris Delmarle & Manu

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