How should boxer briefs fit?

Paulina Kulczycki

Finding the right fit for boxer briefs can be a real mission impossible. Depending on the model and cut, they should be neither too long nor too short, neither too tight nor too loose, neither cutting off our breath at the waist nor falling off our hips. The perfect boxer briefs should ideally form around the body like a second skin. However, we ask ourselves: how should a pair of boxer briefs fit in order to be not only comfortable and functional, but also stylish? At SANVT, we give you the 4 golden rules to find the perfect fit for stylish boxer briefs!

Wide boxers, briefs, trunks, slips, boxer briefs or midway briefs. With all the vast choices in men’s underwear, some guys have already despaired. If you want to make your decision easy, we recommend boxer briefs, as they are the ideal mix of all models. Boxer briefs have the casual length of boxers but the close-fitting comfort of slips, briefs and trunks. But for the boxer briefs to look and feel good, they obviously have to come in the ideal fit. After all, we want to avoid the underwear constricting us or pinching or scratching in the wrong places. But fit is another issue that makes many of us despair. Still, don’t worry, we got your back: in our ultimate guide, we’ll tell you how to choose the ideal fit for your perfect boxer briefs.

How should boxer shorts fit – the 4 golden rules:

  • The waistband: Elastic and soft
  • The length: About one third of the thigh
  • The width: Tight-fitting but with freedom of movement
  • The material: Breathable, resistant and sustainable

The right waistband

Rule number one when choosing the right fit of boxer briefs is the waistband: it should definitely be soft and elastic. After all, a flexible waistband allows maximum freedom of movement and comfort, whether you’re doing sports or drinking beers and eating burgers in a sports bar. We also prefer a waistband that is minimalist in design, without flashy colours or lettering – and if so, then at least elegant tone-on-tone. When worn, the waistband should be a few centimetres above the hips to guarantee sufficient support.

The right length

Another golden rule is the right length: if the boxer briefs are too short, they look more like trunks, if they are too long, they become a midway brief. The perfect boxer briefs should cover about a third of your thigh, or about as much skin from the waistband to the hem as is still visible between the hem and the knee. Of course, this also depends on your height and the length of your thighs. But as long as the hem ends a few centimetres below the crotch, you can’t really go wrong with the length.

The right width

One of the most important factors for the right fit of boxer briefs is, of course, the width. After all, tight-fitting boxer briefs can quickly become too tight and boxers that are too wide look – how can we put it – saggy. Therefore, it is essential to choose a fitting size that is still flexible and stretchy. The perfect boxer briefs from SANVT enable a perfect fit thanks to our computer-optimised sizes. Not only that, the special fibre cross-section ensures a long-lasting soft feel and comfort.

The right material

What does the material have to do with the fit, you ask? It’s simple: different materials have different properties such as stretch, durability and drape. Therefore, the material has a significant influence on how a pair of boxers fits and is therefore extremely central to choose the right one. At SANVT, we believe that a blended fabric of organic cotton, the breathable cellulose fibre Lyocell and elastane is the perfect mix!

And because we are so fond of this blended fabric, we have created our perfect boxer briefs from exactly this material. The innovative material Lyocell – made from naturally grown beech wood from Austria – is obtained through an environmentally friendly pulp-fibre process and guarantees a soft feel. While lyocell and organic cotton gently hug the skin and are sustainable, the elastane guarantees the necessary elasticity for comfort and practicality. The perfect boxer briefs by SANVT are thus as soft and cosy as a second skin, while remaining functional and stylish!

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The perfect Boxer Briefs by SANVT – with computer-optimised sizes – guatees the perfect fit!

How boxer shorts should fit: Conclusion

Thanks to our guide, the question “How should boxer shorts fit?” should be answered once and for all. Ultimately, however, it’s up to you to decide which underwear fit you feel most comfortable in. Because nothing radiates confidence and charisma more than feeling comfortable in your skin (and your boxers)!