Determine your skin undertone: How to find the perfect T-shirt color

Cosima Haas

Ever heard of skin undertone? While our skin tone can change due to external influences, our skin undertone remains the same. For last, it can be distinguished between a cool, warm and neutral skin undertone. We'll show you how to determine your skin undertone and how you can take advantage of this newfound knowledge to find the perfect t-shirt color for you.

Skin tone and skin undertone - what's the difference?              

Skin tone can change throughout the year due to external factors, such as sun. For example, your complexion may be darker in the summer than in the winter. Skin tone is usually differentiated between light, medium and dark. The skin undertone, on the other hand, remains the same throughout life. This shimmers through the uppermost layers of the skin and can be either cool, warm or neutral.

How to find out skin undertone: This is how it works

To determine your skin undertone, it is best to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist or on the back of your hand. To get an accurate result, it is best to determine the skin undertone in the morning or at midday in daylight. Look closely at your veins now.

Cool skin undertone: Perfect for dark T-shirt colors 

Do your veins shimmer through in a bluish/purple color? Do you also have light skin and have to avoid the sun in summer? Then you most likely have a cool undertone. When choosing a suitable t-shirt color, you should rather go for darker colors, because they contrast with your light skin. T-Shirts in the color Black, NavyDark Green or Dark Grey Melange will fit perfectly and literally bring color to your cool skin undertone. Content creator jannik_madsen has a cool skin undertone, so he is wearing the Perfect T-Shirt in Black

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Warm skin undertone: Neutral T-shirt colors

If your veins look more green and your face color is yellowish or olive, you likely to have a warm skin undertone. People with warm undertones can usually wear all colors well. However, it makes more sense to opt for lighter or darker colors rather than the mid-tone. This means that instead of going for warm sandy tones, go for the colour Off-white, a creamy white color. You also can't go wrong with neutral t-shirt colors. A T-Shirt in Grey Melange, Dust Grey or goes well with a warm skin undertone. Influencer by.sonny has a warm skin undertone, so the Heavyweight T-shirt in Off-white is the perfect match for him.

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Neutral skin undertone: ideal for all colors 

If you can't really determine your vein color, you probably have a neutral undertone. This means that almost all t-shirt colors will work well with you! It doesn't matter if it's colorful, light or dark - here you have free choice and can experiment with different colors. The Perfect T-shirt in Dark RedDust Blue or White definitely always go. Content Creator rodedaniel wears the Perfect T-Shirt in White, matching with his neutral skin undertone. 

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