How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Lesley Krijan

Christmas is just around the corner! And as a sustainable label, we ask ourselves every year how we can make the holidays more environmentally friendly. That's why we've come up with some tips & tricks that everyone can easily implement. Because although we love these traditional holidays, we should use innovations to do less harm to our earth..

Post from Santa

We all enjoy receiving Christmas greetings. But to save the environment and also give the postmen a little rest, we recommend sending e-cards instead of physical Christmas cards. This option is especially suitable for people who have friends & family abroad. And by sending an electronic postcard, you also save yourself some money while being able to send greetings on time - even if you forgot to get organised before the 24th of December!

Festive Food

For many families, food plays a major role on Christmas Eve. Ostentatious dishes such as roast duck or turkey are particularly popular. However, when it comes to planning, it is easy to overestimate our hunger. This is certainly also due to the fact that before the holidays we tend to buy more than is actually necessary - "just to be on the safe side". Since food waste has a significant impact on our planet, we recommend downloading a food waste app. For example, in the German government's app "Beste Reste", you can find delicious recipes based on your leftover food. 

Christmas Dinner Festive

Sustainable Wrapping

Giving things as gifts is simply part of Christmas. But since most packaging ends up in the trash seconds later, you should switch to sustainable packaging. And these are not even boring...

  • Gift within a gift: cotton sheets, tins, jars - you can wrap your actual gift in all of these items. And in fact, this packaging idea is not only environmentally friendly, but also practical and original.
  • Natural packaging: Instead of conventional wrapping paper, we recommend recycled paper. Beyond that, you can decorate your present with small pine cones, twigs, berries or wooden ornaments. In this way you can enhance the packaging. Another benefit: All this stuff can be used as decoration afterwards.
  • Beeswax: The trend of 2022 is definitely beeswax wipes! This modern packaging alternative is particularly environmentally friendly: a beeswax cloth can be reused up to 500 times. After the gift-giving, your friends can, for example, use it to store their bread or fruit inside. When buying your beeswax cloth, however, you should look for certifications that guarantee that no bees are harmed in the production process.


Did you know that in many cities you can now rent a Christmas tree? A so-called living Christmas tree is brought to your home before Christmas and collected again after the holidays. This way, the gardening company it belongs to, can easily replant it and you have much less stress thanks to the delivery and collection. In fact, some suppliers even offer you the option of renting the same tree every year. This way you can connect with your Christmas tree in a very environmentally friendly way.

Present under Christmas Tree

The perfect look

The outfit is almost as important as the rest! Especially on festive occasions like Christmas, we want to be perfectly dressed. And if you are still looking for a suitable outfit or want to surprise your loved ones with sustainable fashion, we recommend you take a look at our Gift Guide.

By the way - did you know? All our SANVT essentials are packed in high-quality envelopes made from recycled paper at the factory. So with a little bow or subtle decoration, you can gift our clothing without wrapping paper - and it will still look great under the tree!