How to style a black hoodie

Paulina Kulczycki

A black hoodie is without a doubt one of the must-haves in the transitional seasons. Regardless of your style, the black hoodie is a true all-rounder that can be worn oversized as a dress with a petticoat and high heels, or with ripped jeans and Vans. In other words, the hoodie is no longer exclusively for skaters – it is a fashion classic that is suitable for all genders and all styles! Here at SANVT, we show you how to style a black hoodie based on our favourite influencer looks.

Now that autumn has fallen upon us, it’s time to bring back the jumper! Some people love this transitional season (especially because of the jumpers), others dislike it. Either way, you eventually get tired of all your jumpers and long for cooler outfits with a bit more edge. And that’s where the hooded jumper comes in – better known as the hoodie! And the black hoodie has become an absolute must-have in the fashion world over the past decades.

After all, a hoodie is not only a casual and versatile basic but also a piece of fashion history. If you want to read more about the controversy, tragedy and history of the hoodie, click here.

Perhaps a black hoodie might seem rather unoriginal to you at first. But as with any other basic fashion item, a hoodie is all about the right styling! That’s why we at SANVT show you some styling inspirations with our black boyfriend hoodie for women and our black hooded sweatshirt for men. Follow the tips of famous fashion bloggers on how to style a black hoodie this fall.

How to style a black hoodie: for women

Bold & stylish

When you think of a black hoodie, you probably think primarily of men’s fashion. Yet just like any other basic, the hoodie can be unisex. Especially oversized as a boyfriend look, the hooded jumper looks particularly cool on women. Blogger and photographer Judith Mayer shows you how to style a black hoodie in a bold yet relaxed way. Combined with a black biker jacket and black vinyl trousers, the all-black style with a hoodie comes across as super stylish.
This outfit plays beautifully with different textures and materials. The matte, soft fabric of our boyfriend hoodie contrasts with the gloss of the vinyl trousers and the silky matt look of the biker jacket. Rounded off with a hat, sunglasses and flat or high boots, the look becomes complete. It’s a style that proves that the hoodie can definitely be a fashion it-piece!

Low-key & casual

If you want to combine the hoodie with something a little more low-key and casual, sustainable fashion blogger Nadine Banks shows you how to style a black hoodie in other ways. Under an oversized blazer with sweatpants, chinos or vintage tweed trousers, the hoodie takes on a completely different look. Pair it with high heels and statement accessories, like big sunglasses and a hip clutch, and you’ve got the perfect autumn look for both business and leisure.
Our tip: on colder days, wear a tight turtleneck jumper under the wide boyfriend hoodie for an even more elegant yet cosy layering look!
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How to style a black hoodie: for men

Dandy & sophisticated

For men, the hoodie can also be interpreted in different ways. Because, as we’ve mentioned, wearing a hooded sweatshirt doesn’t always have to come across like a skater boy style. Quite the opposite, this essential can be combined smartly and even give elegant looks an interesting style twist. Award-winning fashion influencer Efe Efeturi, for example, shows how to style a black hoodie with black jeans and a checked coat. With a hat and oxford shoes, the outfit becomes dandyish and extremely sophisticated!
Thanks to the hoodie-jeans combination, the outfit, which in most cases would be overdressed with a button down shirt and chinos, gets a casual and cool twist!

Casual & sporty

If the dandy look seems too sophisticated for you, you can also combine a black hoodie with a pair of black sweatpants or chinos, a long overcoat, sneakers and a cap. Content creator Chris Fraas shows how a hooded sweatshirt can also be worn in a casual and sporty way without losing its smartness.
Our tip: wear an extra-long white t-shirt under the hoodie, which, in combination with white sneakers, brings some contrast and light into the otherwise all-black outfit.
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You alone decide how to style a black hoodie

Of course, these are just a few of the endless styling possibilities of the hoodie. So, dare to get creative with this essential and freshen up your autumn looks with interesting style twists! We promise: you’ll be the new trendsetter in your hood (pun intended).