Green is the new black: How to style a green t-shirt?

Paulina Kulczycki

We at SANVT love sustainable basics. We are particularly fond of the t-shirt as a timeless classic - it's so simple and yet so versatile. That's why we have invested so much attention to detail in the creation of the perfect t-shirt. For a long time though, our classic tee was only available in the colours white, black, grey melange and dark blue. But now we dare to expand our collection with the colours dark green and dark red! But how do you style a green t-shirt anyway? We give you the best styling tips on how to wear a green t-shirt for both men and women, so that green (not only as a symbol of sustainability, but also as a colour) becomes the new black!

Green is the new black

The t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the most iconic garments of all. Since the basic can be found in every wardrobe – regardless of gender and personal preferences – it can be styled in so many ways. That's exactly why we could write an infinite amount of style guides on how to style a t-shirt! This time, though, we would like to focus down on the colour green. A colour that some may have doubts about. In our opinion, however, green is an absolute must-have colour in 2022.

We believe that dark green t-shirts in particular are the perfect basic! Especially with olive toned complexions, brown hair or green eyes, green tones enhance our look and bring a subtle, earthy and natural touch of colour to our otherwise monochrome outfits. But if you're still not convinced, we've put together two styling ideas each for men and women as an inspiration on how to wear the new dark green t-shirt from SANVT.

How to style a green t-shirt for men?

One of our favourite styles for men is to combine the dark green t-shirt with rolled-up chinos, complemented by chucks and a cap. The chinos should be chosen in classic black or fresh beige and should not be too tight. Go for a more casual and loose fit. The perfect choice is our black or beige smart chino from SANVT, which you can choose by length as well as width. And if you want to make the look a little more elegant and edgy at the same time, you can wear the green t-shirt tucked in loosely and replace the Chucks with chunky Oxford shoes.

For a more casual look, wear the dark green t-shirt oversized with black sweatpants, a cropped beanie and statement sneakers. This look is sporty and minimalist at the same time – provided, of course, you choose your basics without prints. You can also wear this outfit on cooler days with a black trench coat and Dr. Martens boots, which adds urbanity and style to the look. To make sure the look is smart and not gym-y, the right pair of sweatpants is key. If you're still looking for the perfect pair of sweatpants, we recommend the ultra-soft and sustainable sweatpants from SANVT – handmade in Portugal from heavy 400 g/m² French Terry.

How to style a green t-shirt for women?

Seen in many street styles, we have fallen in love with a minimalist look for women: tucking in the dark green boyfriend t-shirt with a pair of dark high-waist carrot jeans with a bandana and platform sandals or Birkenstocks. This outfit looks refreshingly maritime and yet urban and cool. We recommend wearing the t-shirt slightly oversized (à-la boyfriend look) so that it contrasts with the narrow waist of the high-waist jeans. A cool vintage belt and sunglasses complete the outfit.

For a more feminine look, pair the t-shirt in dark green with a button-front A-line skirt, a belt and chunky boots. In summer, you can add a hat or a captain's hat to the look. In winter, simply pair it with tights and a long fake-fur coat. This way, the green t-shirt goes from a basic to an absolute eye-catcher in every season!

How to style a green t-shirt: a few final tips

In general, whether for women or men, our dark green t-shirt can be ideally combined with black, grey, white or earth and sand tones. In any case, we recommend choosing a shade of green that is quite dark and optimally highlights your skin tone. Besides the colour, the material is also very important. That's why we use 100% (ELS) cotton for our sustainable premium t-shirt: a North American variety that is one of the finest cottons in the world! This ensures that your dark green t-shirt not only looks green, but is also "green" in terms of sustainability and durability.

Last but not least, the fit of a perfect t-shirt (no matter what colour it comes in) is crucial. Depending on your preference, your t-shirt should have the ideal length and width for your body type. That's why at SANVT you can choose your t-shirt by length and width, so your basic fits almost as if it were tailor-made. Find out more about how the perfect t-shirt should fit here.

Become a trendsetter and add dark green to the colour palette of your t-shirt collection. And we promise: Green is the new black!