How to style a grey hoodie?

Paulina Kulczycki

Nothing beats a grey hoodie. It's as casual, timeless, and uncomplicated as almost any other garment. This basic has earned its reputation as an iconic must-have for decades and is extremely versatile. No matter the season or the style, a grey hoodie (almost) always works. But how do you style a grey hoodie without it looking too baggy? Here at SANVT, we've got five stylish looks to show you how to style a grey hoodie.

When it comes to the perfect hoodie look, a grey mélange hooded sweatshirt is a real all-rounder. With its simple colour, it can be combined in many ways and offers countless styling options. Whether you prefer a sporty, minimalist, casual, or rocky look, the grey hoodie is a fashion essential, and no wardrobe should be without it. Here are our styling tips for the perfect grey hoodie look.

How to style a grey hoodie at a glance:

  • Sporty: with grey sweatpants
  • Minimalist: with chinos
  • Laid-back: with dark jeans
  • Casual: with black ¾ mom jeans
  • Rocky: with a leather jacket & leggings

How to style a hoodie SANVT with sweatpants

Sporty: with grey sweatpants

For a sporty look, we recommend combining the grey hoodie with grey sweatpants - a monochrome tone-on-tone style that not only looks good when you're doing sports. The days when sweatpants were considered a fashion faux pas (in the words of Karl Lagerfeld: "Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life") are long gone. A high-quality pair of sweatpants with a matching grey hoodie creates a harmonious look that can be ideally upgraded with a pair of statement sneakers. Style it with an inverted cap and a fanny pack, and you're perfectly styled for a relaxed day in the city. For a smarter, more sophisticated look that's still sporty and relaxed, pair it with black boots, a black beanie, and a black trench coat. 

And if you're still looking for the perfect pair of sweatpants made from a heavy, high-quality material that looks like a premium product, discover the perfect sweatpants from SANVT.

How to style a hoodie SANVT with chino

Minimalist: with chinos

If you prefer a more minimalist look that's a little more elegant despite the hooded sweatshirt, chinos are the way to go. Combined with a grey hoodie, the look is business casual and stylish. Add a pair of white sneakers, and you have the perfect outfit for everyday life and the office! Once again, we've designed the perfect chino for you – high quality, sustainably and fairly produced, our chino is functional and innovative in design. If you're looking for a sturdier chino for colder days, check out our heavyweight chino!

How to style a hoodie SANVT with jeans

Laid-back: with dark jeans

For a more laid-back look, a pair of dark or black jeans in a straight cut is a great choice. The grey hoodie can act as a point of contrast here and gives the outfit that certain je ne sais quoi. Combined with some trendy boots or chucks, you're ready for a relaxed evening with friends. Alternatively, wear the jeans rolled up with sneakers and statement socks and top it off with a fisherman's hat and a tote bag. This way, your hooded sweatshirt can be styled casually over and over again.

How to style a hoodie SANVT with mom jeans 

Casual: with black ¾ mom jeans

For an equally casual look for women, we recommend a very similar style, wearing a grey boyfriend hoodie with black high-waisted ¾ mom jeans. The grey hoodie can be tucked loosely into the trousers, accessorised with a braided leather belt and completed with a pair of chunky Oxford shoes or Dr Martens. The look is perfect for casual wear and exudes a nonchalant, uncomplicated, minimalist elegance. Check out our Boyfriend Hoodie in Grey Melange for the perfect piece to complete this look. 

 How to style a hoodie SANVT with leather jacket

Rocky: with a leather jacket & leggings

If you're looking for a rockier vibe, pair your grey hoodie with a leather jacket and vinyl leggings. You can also add some texture to the outfit by layering a dress underneath the hoodie or a skirt over the leggings. Complete the look with some rocky boots or white sneakers for a sporty twist. This outfit is perfect for a night out with friends.

The grey hoodie from SANVT

The key to any look with a grey hoodie is finding one that looks stylish and not slouchy. Fast fashion brands often produce hoodies that quickly look worn out and cheap. SANVT's perfect hoodie, on the other hand, reinterprets the sporty classic with a touch of luxury.

Our hooded sweatshirt is handmade from a French Terry "loopback" made from 100% combed organic cotton. We spent almost two years developing our "loopback" material to achieve a higher degree of softness. The diagonal loops on the inside give the hoodie outstanding comfort, durability and optimal thermoregulation.

The double-lined hood, the Lycra-reinforced waistband and the elaborately inserted sleeves also guarantee long-lasting comfort. Unlike conventional hoodies, the French Terry fabric of our grey mottled hoodie is also yarn-dyed for long-lasting deep colours. We've created the perfect, timeless and sophisticated grey hoodie that is also produced in a sustainable, climate-neutral and fair way. Check out our website for more information on our production, climate promise and sustainability initiatives.

How to style a grey hoodie: conclusion

The grey hoodie has been a fashion must-have for a long time, and its versatility proves that it's more than just a loungewear or athletic staple. Whether you dress it up with a leather jacket and vinyl leggings or keep it casual with a skirt and sneakers, a high-quality and sustainable grey hoodie will always add a touch of cool and casual to your outfit. 

If you're interested in the history of this iconic fashion piece, be sure to check out this article for more information here.

Photos by Efe Efeturi, Thando Sikawuti & Stephi

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