How to Style a Scarf

Paulina Kulczycki

The simplest of accessories in fashion can often be the most difficult to style. Take the scarf, for example. How to style a scarf in a way that makes it an eye-catching addition to your outfit? While there are many ways to tie a scarf, many of us simply wrap it around our necks without much thought. However, a scarf can be worn both casually and elegantly and can be a fashionable statement piece. At SANVT, we want to share our favourite wrapping techniques for scarves!


You may have experienced this before: You've put together a minimalist and stylish winter outfit, but the cold weather requires you to tie a scarf around it. The question then arises, how can you tie the scarf properly without ruining the overall look of your outfit? Many of us see scarves as an unfashionable necessity, and often remove them as soon as we enter a room. However, a scarf can be much more than that. Depending on how it's worn, it can either subtly enhance an outfit or become the focal point of the entire look. But how can you style a scarf correctly?


How to style a scarf SANVT twist

Simple: The Twist

One of the most classic ways to style a scarf is the twist. To achieve this look, wrap the scarf loosely around your neck once and let the two ends hang down parallel to the front. Alternatively, you can let the ends hang down to the back for a more modern and clean look. If you prefer the ends to hang to the front, you can also incorporate a loose knot to add structure to the scarf. This wrapping technique is nonchalant and pairs well with straight-cut coats.

 How to style a scarf SANVT half twist

Casual: The Half Twist

If you can't decide between the front or back twist, there's an even simpler method called the half twist. To achieve this look, wrap the scarf only half around your neck and let one end hang forward and the other backward. However, make sure to leave enough space around the neck so that the scarf doesn't cut off your air! This way to style a scarf is casual, yet more dashing than the twist, and pairs well with thicker jackets and coats.


How to style a scarf SANVT  

Elegant: Simply Folded Over

An even more elegant (and yet even simpler) look is to simply wrap the scarf around your shoulders or neck and let both ends hang long to the front. This wrapping technique is not ideal for the coldest winter days but rather for transitional seasons, and looks extremely stylish with open, long coats and trench coats.


How to Style a Scarf: Other Wrapping Techniques

There are many other ways to style a scarf. For example, you can wrap your scarf into a loop by folding it in half, placing it around your neck, and pulling the two ends through the resulting loop. Another option is to wear the scarf as a loop by wrapping it around your neck until you can hide both ends under the loop. These wrapping techniques are great choices for casual everyday looks. For more extravagant looks, you can wrap your scarf around your shoulders as a cape or wear the scarf on one shoulder and fasten it with a waist belt. This style makes the scarf the eye-catching focal point of the outfit!


How to style a scarf SANVT post

The Perfect Scarf from SANVT

Now, the next question arises, which scarf is the right choice for all of these wrapping techniques and is also sustainably and ethically produced. At SANVT, we have the answer with our timeless, minimalist, sustainable, and high-quality knitted scarf made from a soft cashmere-wool mix. Our Wool-Blend Scarf is crafted in a family business in Portugal, is made from 100% recycled, GRS-certified materials and comes in black, grey, beige and navy. The luxurious material mix provides maximum softness (without scratching) and cosy warmth for cooler days.

In addition to the comfortable feel, our scarf also excels in design. Instead of fringes, prints, patterns, or large logos, we've selected a minimalist style, making the scarf a classic and timeless accessory. The special thickness of the scarf creates a high-quality pique-knitted look and the size of the scarf (180x40cm), allows for a wide variety of wrapping techniques for any style. Our Wool-Blend Scarf is the ideal companion for environmentally conscious people and their minimalist looks in the winter.


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