Autumn Style Guide: How to style grey joggers

Lesley Krijan

The perfect sweatpants

One of the most important point in terms of the perfect sweatpants is probably comfort. Since sweatpants are usually worn at home or during sports, they should be particularly comfortable and made of high-quality fabric. A heavy cotton fabric is probably most suitable for this, as it is especially breathable, soft and warming. Cotton is also a durable and long-lasting natural fibre that is biodegradable.

Since a perfect pair of sweatpants should be comfortable for the wearer, especially during sporting activities, they have to come with various features. At SANVT, for example, we have created sweatpants that are multifunctional and practical thanks to extra-deep, hidden pockets. On top of that, the minimalist trousers can be combined in a variety of ways.

But besides the material and features of a perfect sweatpants, the colour also plays a big role. Choose a simple, muted tone like black, grey or navy for your favourite joggers to get a perfect essential. This way, you can style your sweatpants with different pieces of clothing and make them suitable for any occasion.

Grey Sweat-Set

A grey sweat set of smart sweatpants and a hoodie is particularly modern.

Hardly any trend has become more popular on the streetwear scene in 2021 than matching sets. Matching sets not only look remarkably elegant but also simplify your everyday choices, as you no longer have to waste time searching for combinations.

This autumn, grey sets are the most popular, which is why we at SANVT want to give you the opportunity to follow this trend in a sustainable way. Our favorite set consists of the Perfect Sweatpants and the Perfect Hoodie, but our sweatpants can also be combined with the Perfect Sweatshirt.

This sporty look is best completed with white sneakers. Small details on the shoes complement the fine details of the set and bring some freshness to the minimalist style.

Sporty Pop of Color

A dark blue T-shirt can add a minimalist pop of colour to a grey sweat outfit.

Even in autumn, the sun still makes an occasional appearance. That’s why we at SANVT recommend that you don’t pack away your T-shirts quite yet. The colour navy in particular can be combined with the perfect grey sweatpants in a modern and stylish way. The sporty look is perfect for everyday wear and can be complemented with cool sneakers.

If it does get too chilly, we have the perfect addition for your sporty fall style: the grey Zip Hoodie by SANVT. Matching the colour of the sweatpants, this jacket completes the look.

Thanks to minimalist details and the use of 100% premium cotton, the jacket is very soft and keeps you nice and warm. Thanks to a lycra-reinforced waistband and intricately inserted sleeves, the sweat jacket is extra durable and hard-wearing.

Elegant and comfortable

The grey sweatpants can be elegantly enhanced with a white Oxford Shirt.

Although jogging trousers were only worn as leisure trousers at home in the past, the essential has now developed into an indispensable piece of clothing that is also worn outdoors. Thanks to luxurious details, the grey sweatpants from SANVT can also be used for this purpose. To stylishly upgrade the sweatpants, they can be combined with timeless and quality classics, such as a fine shirt. @Adrian shows us how to wear the look in a classy modern way: The white, high-quality Oxford Shirt gives the sweatpants a luxurious touch and enhances the outfit. Thanks to modern sneakers, the look is completed and combines the characteristics of classic elegance and youthful sportiness.

Our tip: Buy the Oxford shirt in one size larger if you plan to combine it with your favourite sweatpants. The oversized fit keeps the style loose and not too stuffy.

Have we whetted your appetite for the perfect sweatpants for autumn? Find out more about your new favourite pants here.

Photography: @efe.efeturi @adri.caloca