Pimp up your Essentials: How to make grey clothes look their best

Lesley Krijan

Not all grey is the same

From dark grey to grey-blue to light silver-grey – depending on the occasion, you can choose between different shades of grey. But when is each shade suitable? Dark grey is particularly suitable for formal occasions where you want to look serious. For example, you can look convincing in a pair of dark grey chinos or a dark blazer in the office or at a party. For sporting or everyday activities, go for lighter shades. This will quickly make your outfit look more casual and relaxed.

However, you should also consider your skin tone for the perfect grey:

  • Cold skin tone: Blue-ish shades of grey underline your complexion perfectly.
  • Warm skin tone: Dark grey tones are particularly effective on warm skin because they provide contrast.

Grey Sweat-Sets

Black blazers add a luxurious touch to your sweatset.

Our grey favourite for autumn is a matching combination of sweatpants and hoodie. This sporty, modern style can be worn on its own or combined with other essentials. For example, you can spice up your grey set with a black blazer to give it an elegant touch.

To complete your outfit, you also need the right footwear. Combine your sporty look with modern sneakers to maintain the style. Our tip: Sneakers with platform soles are particularly trendy at the moment. They give your outfit that certain something. On cold days you can also go for cool boots. Mid-height ankle boots with a light platform sole are also a good choice here.

The right way to combine grey hoodies

Pair your hoodie with a classic trench coat for a modern look.

Everyone has hoodies! But have you found your perfect one yet? A hoodie should meet several requirements. Since it is usually worn on cold days, your hoodie should be made of a warming material, such as cotton. It is also important that it is of high quality and sustainably produced. This way you can be sure that your favourite hoodie will last you a long time.

For a trendy look this autumn, we recommend a grey hoodie. You can combine it with a beige trench coat on cooler days, for example. That said, it is important to pay attention to the basic tone of your garments: While a cool beige perfectly complements cool tones, warm beige tones tend to underline dark grey essentials much better.

Sweats and blouses – does that work?

Blouses go perfectly with sweatpants – you just have to know how!

Sweatpants are no longer just worn at home. The sporty classic has become an indispensable essential that can also be combined in a cool way for casual evenings with friends. However, it is important to pimp your jogging pants a little. Elegant garments in oversized fit are suitable for this.

Since many women usually have problems finding the perfect oversized size, we at SANVT have developed an innovative sizing system that allows you to choose both your width and your length individually. This way, despite the oversized fit, you won’t lose your desired cut and will still look stylish.

Our favourite essential for this sporty, elegant look is definitely a white, classic shirt blouse. You can choose between two different styles: Either wear your blouse loosely open, or close it up and tuck it into your sweatpants on one side. The combination of these minimalist essentials is particularly timeless and can therefore be worn again and again.

If you feel like creating these looks, you can find all the essentials below. Have fun shopping and putting the outfits together. If you want to upload pictures, feel free to tag us on Instagram (@sanvtofficial) !