How to style a red t-shirt: outfit ideas for women and men

Paulina Kulczycki

There are some basics in fashion that always look cool, no matter how you combine them. Like a simple white tee, for example. But when it comes to colourful t-shirts, things can get tricky. You can’t just throw on a red t-shirt and combine it with any trousers or other colours. So the question is: how to style a red t-shirt without it conflicting with other colours or clashing with the wrong styles? At SANVT, we give you outfit ideas for both women and men.

Styling a red t-shirt depends primarily on the shade of red, of course. If we take the perfect t-shirt from SANVT in a classy dark red as our premise, then the colour goes well with neutral tones, but also with bright colours for more impact. Dark red goes particularly well with black, grey, white, beige, cream, earthy tones, dark green and olive, but also with vibrant pink, magenta, purple and light rose. Depending on the fashion statement you want to make with the dark red t-shirt – and on what occasion you want to wear it – the colourful basic can be styled in many different ways.

How to style a red t-shirt for women

The advantage to basics is that they are timeless on their own, but when complemented with trendy accessories, colours and it-pieces, they can become absolute on-trend looks. Our dark red boyfriend t-shirt, for example, can be worn with purple high-waist trousers and a magenta oversized blazer to create a real statement. Combined with a pair of vinyl loafers and stylish sunglasses, the dark red t-shirt can easily keep up with street style looks at the New York Fashion Week. Alternatively, if the dark red t-shirt is worn oversized with a knot in the front with vintage tweed trousers in beige tones, rounded off with platform sandals and a panama hat, the t-shirt follows a completely different trend.

Now let’s dig into timeless outfit inspirations that are guaranteed to look cool regardless of personal style.

Casual with mom jeans

One of the most nonchalant and sporty ways to wear a dark red t-shirt is to combine it with washed-out mom jeans and sneakers. You can either wear the t-shirt oversized and loosely hanging out with chucks, or fitted, tucked in and paired with a cool vintage leather belt. Complemented by a knitted cardigan in light beige and statement sneakers, the outfit remains casual but gets some fashionable eye-catchers.

Judith Mayer wearing the dark red boyfriend t-shirt from SANVT with a casual and sporty mom jeans.

Oversized with white carrot jeans

A slightly more elegant way to wear the dark red t-shirt for women is to combine it with a pair of white carrot jeans. The classic colour combination gives the t-shirt an urban, yet classy look. Tucked in with a belt and oxford shoes, the look is minimalist and sophisticated at the same time. You can also add an interesting style twist with a tweed blazer and a captain’s hat.

Lucie Nouhant styling the dark red boyfriend t-shirt from SANVT sophisticatedly with a white carrot jeans.

How to style a red t-shirt for men

Our dark red t-shirt can also be interpreted in different ways for men. Whether dandy and smart or as a casual homage to the 90s skater scene: this red t-shirt can accompany you through different trends, styles and seasons for many years to come. In terms of matching colours, we recommend combining it with black, grey, beige, olive, green or dark denim blue.

Smart with chinos

If you want to style a red t-shirt in a business-casual way, the combination with black chinos is ideal. Tucked in with black lace-up shoes or Dr. Martens and a casual blazer, the look is smart yet modern. If you want a more daring outfit, simply let the red t-shirt hang out over a pair of beige chinos and combine it with chucks and an open oversized vintage shirt. Add a fisherman’s hat and the look becomes an absolute hit! Alternatively, instead of a vintage shirt and a fisherman’s hat, you can wear a sleeveless jumper and a beanie.

Find out why chinos are the ideal trousers for business-casual outfits here.

Julien Bergeron shows here how to style a red t-shirt with dark jeans.

Casual with jeans and a fisherman’s hat

For a more informal style, combine the red t-shirt with a pair of dark, loose jeans, sneakers and a shortened beanie or fisherman’s hat. This look also works layered with a zip hoodie for a laid-back, casual look. Paying homage to the 90s skater scene, the dark red t-shirt can also be worn with a pair of black, wide, rolled-up jeans, an open lumberjack shirt, Vans and a cap.

How to style a red t-shirt: wrapping up

Although at first glance a red t-shirt is more difficult to combine than a white or black tee, there are countless colour and style combinations that can be reinvented again and again. Therefore, a sustainable dark red t-shirt is a must-have and indispensable splash of colour in our timeless wardrobe.

Photos by Julien Bergeron, Lucie Nouhant & Judith Mayer