Style guide for men: 6 ways to wear a T-Shirt

SANVT Journal

Whether it’s a round neck or V-neck, up-styled or down-styled, the classic T-Shirt suits every occasion and is a versatile item to own. Every wardrobe accommodates at least one of them, if not several in different designs. People who are attached to their favourite brand and style, often buy several of the same kind at the same time.

A well-fitting T-Shirt is an ideal all-rounder for nearly any occasion. At SANVT, we have browsed through our Instagram account and put together some potential combinations for an elegant and timeless look. With this advice, you can be perfectly dressed in the morning in just a few minutes.

ICONIC: white T-Shirt with blue jeans

James Dean showed this look off and it has proven timeless: the combination of a white T-Shirt and blue jeans. Always cool, always fresh, always fitting. This combination is suitable for the afternoon in the café, for the date, and also for looser business meetings. It is timeless and minimalist and simply makes everyone look good. The prerequisite, however, is that the T-Shirt and jeans fit well. Then nothing can go wrong.

The perfect T-Shirt paired with blue jeans. Photo by Dimitris Kolonas

CASUAL: T-Shirt with elegant trousers

With this combination one shows understatement. Classic and elegant with a shirt and fine trousers, you are well dressed for every occasion. The combination looks restrained and noble at the same time. Pleated trousers or modern in “cropped” style, no matter, you can be proud of this combination.

Timeless style. Photo by Wouter Kaan

RELAXED: under an unbuttoned Shirt

When the warm summer nights say goodbye and cooler days announce, this look is the optimal outfit: A well-fitting T-Shirt under an open-worn shirt in combination with jeans or chinos. You are welcome to try out whether monochrome or colourful, check or stripe patterns, or even a denim shirt fit better. If you stay true to yourself, you are guaranteed to look perfectly dressed with this look.

Laid back style. Photo by Shaun Donelly

EVERDAY: T-Shirt as a baselayer

Back to the roots and wear the T-Shirt as originally intended, namely as an “undershirt”. A plain white T-Shirt can be worn under the business shirt in the office to leave a casual impression. The modern, sporty-chic and frequently-worn variant is the T-Shirt under everyday clothing, e.g. a sweatshirt. In order to give the look maximum coolness, the T-Shirt can stick out slightly below the sweatshirt and thus also be visible and pleasing on the eye.

Layered look. Photo by Dimitris Kolonas

TIMELESS: T-Shirt under a jacket or even blazer

Give your most elegant casual office outfit a breath of fresh air and try something new by exchanging your shirt for a T-Shirt. If you want to give your business look a casual and preppy touch, you can grab a T-Shirt and combine it with a blazer. This gives you a modern option that is, however, absolutely contemporary and accepted in the job. Depending on the type of blazer, you can look more elegant or sporty. The only binding rule here is: a round neck is mandatory!

Versatility. Photo by Shaun Donelly

CHILLED: as loungewear

Finally, weekend; comfortable garments. There’s hardly anything more beautiful and comfortable than a T-Shirt. Ideally made of 100% cotton, which is soft on the skin and doesn’t restrict any chill-out sofa movements. Combined with sports pants, the T-Shirt is the perfect loungewear for relaxing hours (or days) at home.

Lazy days. Photo by Mike Fallon

The T-Shirt is an absolute timeless garment and can be the basis for countless outfits and styling possibilities. Whether plain, striped or patterned – the selection on the market is huge and caters for all tastes but the plain Tee is always a reliable friend to turn to. Solid-coloured, “clean” T-Shirts are not only a safe option but also an elegant option. Muted tones such as blue or grey are suitable for almost everyone. If you want to wear a T-Shirt under a suit instead of a shirt, a plain basic is ideal. T-Shirts with stripes are also timeless and can be worn in a variety of ways, although they are more likely to be worn on a more casual occasion. Even though prints generally should be avoided, if you’re really keen to put prints on your shirts than go with the rule of “less is more”.

Our styling tips offer the ideal outfit for nearly all moments in your life. Thanks to its versatility, the T-Shirt is the perfect basic for everyone and should not be missing in any wardrobe. With small details it can be made an eye-catcher. It can be worn with effortlessly cool and still look good. It is therefore advisable to focus on quality and fit when investing in T-Shirts.