Style guide: How to wear a V-neck t-shirt?

Paulina Kulczycki

Let's be honest, styling a V-neck t-shirt can be a bit tricky. This collar shape has caused one or two fashion faux pas in the past, especially when paired with a neckline that's too low or a hairy chest. However, a simple V-neck t-shirt can also look quite sophisticated and elegant. So, how to wear a V-neck t-shirt without looking like a fashion flop from the 2000s? At SANVT, we have some tips that guarantee a stylish look!

Unlike a classic crew-neck t-shirt, a V-neck t-shirt is more than just a basic item. It has statement appeal. But to make the style look smart, you need to follow a few guidelines when buying your t-shirt. The reason why V-necks have a bad reputation is that they are often chosen poorly in the first place and then styled badly.

how to wear a v-neck SANVT

How to wear a V-neck t-shirt? Here are a few basic rules:

  • Make sure your t-shirt is made from a sturdy, natural, and breathable material, such as 100% organic premium cotton.
  • Ensure that the neckline is not too low and that the collar is well-finished.
  • A V-neck always looks slightly cooler if it has a relaxed fit instead of being too tight.
  • Choose a V-neck in timeless colours like black or white, and avoid prints, lettering, logos, or emblems. Otherwise, you risk your t-shirt looking tacky, which will make it difficult to wear in a sophisticated way later on.

Once you've found a high-quality, timeless and minimalist premium V-neck t-shirt that meets all the requirements above, you're guaranteed to have a new favourite basic in your wardrobe that you can elegantly style in a variety of ways.


When it comes to lightweight layering looks, a V-neck tee is the perfect choice. Pair it with a loose, half-unbuttoned, patterned button-down shirt, tucked into vintage tweed trousers, sandals, and sunglasses for a casual summer look. The tee gives you the freedom to shed layers when it gets warmer, while the V-neck makes your outfit more stylish.


The V-neck t-shirt can also be layered comfortably and nonchalantly on cooler days. For a casual outfit, a V-neck is perfect as a base layer under a warm knit cardigan. Wear matching corduroy trousers and boots for a look that is both smart and effortless.

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If you love monochrome all-black looks, you can wear a black V-neck tucked in with black chinos, a black trench coat, and black dress shoes. You'll create a well-matched, monochrome look that's even more refined thanks to the V-neck. Pair it with futuristic sunglasses, a silver chain around the neck, and Dr. Martens instead of suit shoes for a more daring look reminiscent of the Berlin night scene.


For a more technical and functional look, pair your V-neck t-shirt with oversized cargo pants, a utility jacket, and futuristic statement sneakers. The V-neck t-shirt upgrades the outfit so it doesn't look too nerdy but sophisticated instead. Our tip: wear the tee tucked into the pants and add a retro buckle belt to give the look even more technical utility character.


Aside from casual or daring looks, the V-neck can also be featured in classy outfits. For example, you can wear a white V-neck with a navy blazer and pair it with heavyweight navy chinos and loafers. This way, you can create an elegant style that works in the office as well as for semi-formal occasions.

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The V-Neck T-Shirt by SANVT

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, choosing the right tee is crucial in determining whether a style with a V-neck is a hit or miss. And if you're still desperately looking for a timeless V-neck t-shirt that meets all of the criteria mentioned above, then you'll surely be pleased with the V-Neck T-Shirt by SANVT! This sustainable, climate-neutral, high-quality, and fairly produced t-shirt features a subtle but defined V-neck and is made from a medium-weight fabric made from quality cotton.

What makes our t-shirt so high quality, you ask? It's made from 100% North American extra-long staple (ELS) cotton. With a market share of less than 1%, ELS cotton is one of the rarest cottons in the world. Measuring 37mm in length, our cotton fibers are twice as long as conventional varieties, making them far more durable, sturdy, and luxurious. Opaque and breathable, our V-neck comes in black and white. This makes our essential ideal as a base layer or as an eye-catcher in stylish looks.

How to wear a V-neck t-shirt: Conclusion

In conclusion, although it may not seem easy at first to style a V-neck t-shirt correctly, it is a versatile garment that should be found in every wardrobe, no matter the gender or personal style! The V-neck adds an elegant touch to your outfits and offers many ways to wear it. And unlike a common crew-neck t-shirt, a V-neck is a testament to a sophisticated attention to detail. Whether you wear it as a layering look in summer or winter, as a comfortable outfit with a knit cardigan, monochrome in an all-black look, with futuristic utility elements, or classy under a blazer: the V-neck t-shirt is the perfect choice for any occasion. Invest in a high-quality and sustainable V-neck and discover the versatility of this garment!

And if you're still deciding between a crew-neck or V-neck t-shirt, you can read about which is better (for summer) here.

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