Style Guide: How to Wear an Off White T-Shirt

Paulina Kulczycki

When it comes to sustainable fashion, one shade reigns supreme: off-white. It's the hue that celebrates the raw, unbleached beauty of natural fibres like cotton, wool, and linen. Usually with no need for chemical dyes, off-white emerges as the ultimate champion of eco-conscious style. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Off-white isn't just another shade of white; it's a timeless, versatile colour that exudes innovation. That's why off-white t-shirts – the embodiment of fashion's essentials – boast a modern twist that captivates. But how to style an off-white t-shirt? Buckle up and dive into our SANVT style guide, where we unravel the enigma of mastering the off-white t-shirt.


Pearl white was yesterday; off-white is today's trend! While white will forever hold its status as a non-colour essential, off-white takes the stage as the effortlessly elegant and fashion-forward alternative. Its subdued radiance allows for seamless combinations without crass contrasts. But the true allure lies in its ability to flatter every complexion, bestowing a subtle, ethereal glow that even pure white can't rival. And that's why off-white t-shirts are the coveted foundation of any fashion-forward wardrobe. But let's start from square one: What is off-white exactly and what makes it truly exceptional?

 Styleguide SANVT The Perfect T-Shirt Off-White

Off-White: The Coloured Non-Colour

Before we delve into the art of styling an off-white t-shirt, let's demystify the essence of this trending and timeless hue. Off-white encapsulates nuanced shades within the white family. Picture soft, delicately muted tones that sway between hints of beige and strokes of grey. Among the dazzling array of off-white variations, you'll encounter luminous hues like smoky white or snow white, which emanate a touch of grey-blue, resembling the purity of snow-capped peaks.

Another off-white variant is the true beige, often found gracing the colour palettes of the fashion gods. Now, when we mention beige, you might envision a darker tone. But the name and true origins of this hue can be traced back to unbleached cotton fabric. Therefore real beige shares an uncanny kinship with the delicate shades of eggshell and champagne, as all three are interplay of white hues with subtle strokes of yellow or grey-brown.


How to Style an Off-White T-Shirt with Other Colours

To the untrained eye, the differences between various shades of off-white may seem insignificant. However, when putting together an outfit, it's important to ensure that the chosen tone of your off-white garment is harmonic with the other colours. If you're planning to wear an off-white t-shirt and warm brown tones dominate the rest of your outfit, it's advisable to opt for an off-white t-shirt with subtle brown or yellow undertones. For cool-coloured outfits, such as grey, olive green, or navy blue, shades of off-white with a hint of grey or blue are more suitable. 

Our Perfect T-Shirt, Heavyweight Winter T-Shirt, and Lightweight Summer T-Shirt in off-white all feature warmer colour nuances, making them ideal for pairing with earth tones, beige, cream, brown, mustard yellow, khaki, and, of course, black.

 Styleguide SANVT The Lightweight T-Shirt Off-White

Sophisticated: Style an Off-White T-Shirt Tone-on-Tone

One of the most popular and elegant ways to style an off-white t-shirt is by putting together a tone-on-tone look. Picture a lightweight off-white t-shirt harmoniously paired with creamy linen trousers, an impeccably matched off-white jeans, or perhaps even a pair of sophisticated beige chinos.

Complete the ensemble with supple beige slippers or off-white sneakers, and you'll effortlessly capture the essence of summer. Just remember, when venturing into this realm of elegance with our summer t-shirt, stick to warmer off-white tones rather than straying into cooler blues or greys.


Timeless: Style an Off-White T-Shirt with Black

If the tone-on-tone look feels a bit too complicated when it comes to mixing off-whites, fear not, for there's always a failsafe combination that never disappoints: off-white and black. Pairing an off-white t-shirt with black sweatpants and off-white sneakers is a foolproof formula that exudes smart minimalism. And for those seeking a bolder statement, tuck in your off-white t-shirt into black jeans, don chunky black oxford shoes, and complete the ensemble with a black fisherman hat and a black trench coat. Top it off with a sleek, small-frame sunglasses, and voila! You've got yourself an urban look that works in both summer and transitional seasons.


Styleguide SANVT The Heavyweight T-Shirt Off-White


Casual: Style an Off-White T-Shirt with Earth Tones

But don't think that off-white is only reserved for sunny days. In the midst of autumn and winter, when we tend to gravitate towards darker hues, off-white can be the ray of light that illuminates your outfits and breaks through the grey monotony. Our heavyweight off-white t-shirt, crafted with a denser 235g/m2 fabric, is perfect for the colder months. Pair it with a khaki chino or brown corduroy trousers, and complement the look with a taupe coat, brown boots, and a beige wool scarf. A cool look with warm earth tones for those cold, dreary days!


How to Style an Off-White T-Shirt: Conclusion

As you can see, off-white is a versatile and trendy shade that offers a stylish and flattering alternative to pure white. Dive into the off-white spectrum and discover the array of nuances that will level up your style game. And after our style guide and expert knowledge on how to wear different off-white shades, you can't go wrong. When choosing your off-white clothes, opt for those made from non-dyed and unbleached natural fibres or from sustainable brands that prioritize environmentally friendly dyeing processes. 

At SANVT, we dye our materials without toxic chemicals or heavy metals, and we recycle 99.9% of our wastewater in a closed-loop system, ensuring that nothing flows back into nature that doesn't belong there. Moreover, our off-white t-shirts, along with our entire collection, are ethically produced in Portugal using only sustainable materials. To offset unavoidable CO2 emissions, we neutralize our carbon footprint, guaranteeing sustainable, fair, and climate-neutral products. 

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here and join us in our quest for a greener future.


Photos by Anastasios Moiras & Sonny

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