The Oxford shirt for men: How to get the perfect fit?

SANVT Journal

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”—Yves Saint Laurent

A tailor-made Oxford shirt should be perfectly adapted to your body. The shirt should not only fit you well, but flawlessly and especially if you’re not wearing a jacket. But if the tailor of your choice has no time (or doesn’t exist), we can help you get the look right… So how do you find your perfect Oxford shirt?

If you don’t have time to read the full article then here’s a quick summary of how to wear an Oxford shirt: 

  • Cut: Slim, regular, and oversized are the most common options.
  • Collar: Two fingers should fit between your neck and the closed collar.
  • Sleeve:T he hem of the sleeve should end where the arm and hand merge.
  • Shoulder x Chest: The seam of the shoulder that connects the chest part of the shirt to the sleeve should sit exactly on the transition from your chest to your arm. This way you make sure that the fabric does not stretch across your chest

What defines the Oxford Shirt from SANVT

  • Individual size options for a perfect fit
  • Highest quality material (organic cotton)
  • Minimalist design


Various Oxford shirt styles have developed over the years: The waisted cut (‘slim/body/modern’), the straight cut (‘classic/regular’) and the ‘oversized’ (‘comfort/loose’) look are your primary options. Choosing is obviously a question of taste but this article would not be a guidebook if we walked out of here with the moral “Do what you want!”, so here’s our opinion. The waisted cut is rather uncomfortable, especially in the office, when you sit a lot – and it can show the unpleasant side-effects of certain eating habits. The oversized look is very modern – but a slim man should be careful with this option as it can make you look even slimmer. The straight cut is classic, uncomplicated and adapts to any body shape – it’s our recommended option.


Rule of thumb: Two fingers should fit between your neck and the closed collar. This way you can be sure that your shirt looks chic when open and buttoned – and you don’t have to rely on a tie. The collar of the Oxford shirt typically has a ‘button-down’ collar: The collar-ends can be fastened to the shirt with discreet buttons – and thus contribute to a neat yet sporty look. If you want to learn more about why this is the case, you can read all about it in our article on the history of the Oxford shirt. A little styling Pro Tip: Please do not open more than two buttons on your shirt. That is so obvious, I refuse to give a reason.


Stand in front of a mirror and let your arms hang loosely. Now you should make sure that the hem of the sleeve ends where the arm merges into the hand. The shirt sleeves should not be longer or shorter, because both variants will hinder your movement. The length of the shirt is adjusted to the length of the sleeves. If you want a jacket to round off your look, the sleeves should be one or two centimetres shorter than the shirt sleeves.


The seam of the shoulder, which connects the chest part of the shirt with the sleeve, should sit exactly on the transition from your chest to your arm – for a chic look. If you want to achieve an oversize look, however, the seam should extend beyond the curve of the shoulder. The cut of the shoulders automatically goes along with the chest of a straight cut shirt. The simple rule here is that the shirt should not be too tight nor should it be too loose.

The Oxford shirt by SANVT - ‘Time to resize’

1. PERSONALISING YOUR FIT: We treat width and length as individual dimensions. As a result we developed 20 unique sizes, ensuring you achieve the perfect fit, regardless of preference or body shape. For example, as a tall, slim man, you can simply choose your perfect Oxford shirt in width S, long.

2. OXFORD GARMENT: The special weave (basket weave) ensures the high durability and – thanks to the brushed finish – the exceptionally soft feel of the material.

3. MINIMALIST DESIGN: The simple cut creates a minimalist look – with discreet luxury due to the buttons made of real mother-of-pearl. SANVT guarantees no button loss: The bar between shirt and button is wrapped with thermo-fusible yarn. And thanks to the melt-sealing, the threads and buttons can no longer fall off.

4.CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON: SANVT uses GOTS-certified cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard) – for fair and sustainable production. If you want to learn more about SANVT’s measures for more sustainability, you can read all about them here.

If you need an Oxford shirt in your closet that has a tailor-made fit, is durable and breathable then consider the Oxford Shirt by SANVT. You’ll be wearing an Oxford Shirt that fits you exactly as it should.