How to wear an Oxford shirt: Fit & Style guide for women

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“Buy less. Choose well.” -  Vivienne Westwood

Reading between the lines of this quote, your next essential - let's say the Oxford shirt - should be high-quality, sustainable and fairly made. The idea sounds simple. In practice, it is hard to meet all of these criteria - especially with your individual style and size in mind. But it's worth giving a bit more thought to meeting these demands to get closer to style icon status.

Oxford shirts are classics. No matter if worn casually or in the office. If your shirt is high quality, in a timeless style, and made from a natural fabric (for example cotton), you'll have versatility and the highest comfort in one durable essential. Here are some tips on perfecting the Oxford shirt style and fit:


1. CUT


Oxford Shirt in White from the SANVT collection.

...or so called 'office look': The shirt has a slim yet comfortable cut. The shoulder seam should be where your body transitions into your arm. The chest area should neither be too tight nor too loose. You can choose between cuts that vary between 'slim' or 'modern' and 'straight' fit. The first two refer to the waisted shape of the shirt. The straight cut is classic, uncomplicated and adapts to any body shape – it’s our recommended option.

The advantage of this look is that you can combine the shirt with a skirt, trousers or suit and always be elegantly dressed. A little styling tip: With the sleeves rolled up, you give yourself room for statement jewellery on your wrists and fingers. Add Marlene pants (a combination of suit and wide pants) to add some serious grace and femininity.



100% organic cotton shirt - Oxford Shirt in Navy.

The counterpoint to the 'office look', but the crux remains the same: a classic shirt with a simple cut. But the larger size transforms your look into 'boyfriend style'. And if you have a shirt made from a soft and natural material, this outfit gives you the advantage of being dressed comfortably and still appearing stylish. Remember: the sizes don't need to stop at Large - with a shirt that reaches all the way down to your thighs, you can give the look a sweet touch in combination with tights and boots.



There is an important rule with its origins in men's fashion: The collar is too tight for you if two of your fingers do not fit between the collar and your neck. Since women rarely wear ties, a wider collar is always an option. Also, you can open the button-down collar (see picture: the collar-ends are fastened to the shirt with discreet buttons) and look neat but yet not too stiff.



The Oxford Shirt for Women from SANVT is available in three timeless colors: White, Light Blue and Navy.

The following tip is also often given in men's fashion: the sleeves should end where your arm merges into your hand, while your arms hang down from your body. From then on it is a matter of taste whether the sleeves are worn buttoned or rolled up. The different variations can round off your look equally well.

As you can see, a single classic can be combined freely: Skirt, pants, suit, jewellery - these are just a few keywords that, when applied to your outfit, can change your look every day. What is important is the perfect fit of the Oxford shirt, so that you feel well dressed for any occasion - be it a day at the office or an evening with friends.


The oversized Oxford shirt




We use only GOTS certified cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard) for the oversized Oxford shirt. The special basket weave ensures the particularly soft feel and high durability: for a long-lasting basic and sustainable consumption. If you would like to learn more about SANVT's sustainability initiatives, you can find all about them here.


The absence of eye-catching design options creates an elegant minimalist look. Discreet luxury is provided by the high-quality buttons made from real mother-of-pearl (SANVT guarantees no button loss thanks to heat sealing of the yarn). 


The cut, based on men's sizes, allows options ranging from a slimmer and more serious cut to an oversize look. The choice of colors is classic and timeless: white and light blue.


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