How to wear khakis: a style guide for women and men

Paulina Kulczycki

Who would have thought that khaki pants would make a comeback? Because let's face it: khakis and cargo pants have been dividing the fashion world since the '90s. They even got a reputation of being a total fashion faux pas in the 2000s, thanks to Christina Aguilera and the like. But after first leggings and then even flared pants found their way back into our closet, why not khaki pants and cargo pants? But how should we wear khakis? We at SANVT reveal it to you in our style guide for women and men (and non-binary folks, of course)!

Cargo pants are admittedly only for daring fashion enthusiasts. With their patch pockets and ribbons, they can quickly look like an intended, but not accomplished, 90s slouchy look. Khakis on the other hand are a bit smarter and easier to style. But the most timeless are definitely khaki chino pants! That's why at SANVT we've designed beige and khaki unisex chinos that are understated, elegant and versatile.

Our smart chino and boyfriend chino are made of a fine mix of premium cotton and elastane, while being climate neutral and fairly produced in Portugal. Sustainability meets fair production, modernity and comfort: whether for business, travel or leisure! And since inclusivity is part of our DNA at SANVT, we love unisex looks and basics that work cross-gender! Now the only question that remains is: how do we wear khakis right? 

How to wear khakis SANVT chinos

How to wear khakis: looks for women

Since khaki pants or khaki chinos on women often remind us of Kim Possible, we consider light-colored chinos to be much more classy. That's why in our style guide for women, we'll give you outfit inspirations on how to best showcase our beige boyfriend chino.

Smart & Casual

One of our favorite ways to wear the beige boyfriend chinos smart and casual is to pair them tone-on-tone with a beige trench coat, white platform sneakers and a tucked-in grey mélange hoodie. This outfit looks confident yet relaxed, whether it's for meetings or an autumn stroll in the city. Alternatively, the look can be made more elegant by pairing it with heeled boots and a loose turtleneck sweater.

How to wear khakis for women


If you want to style the beige boyfriend chino more playful and boho, you can wear it slightly wider with a loose white linen blouse, a big hat and finish it off with an oversized blazer (possibly patterned) and high heels. The look can be made even more romantic with ruffles and flounces on the blouse and a braided belt on the chinos, as well as with flat espadrilles or sandals – especially in transitional seasons. 

How to wear khakis: looks for men

When it comes to properly combining khakis for men, you have to be careful not to look like an elementary school teacher or a hiker. But with the right styling, khakis or beige chinos are absolute all-rounders throughout the year. Let us show you how to become a trendsetter with our smart chino and bring khakis back into street styles!

How to wear khakis SANVT chino beige


Probably the most casual way to wear beige chinos for men is to wear them rolled up with white chucks or cool sneakers and a black heavy T-Shirt. The look can also be complemented with a layered lumberjack shirt worn open or a white denim shirt and a cap to bring across an even more laid-back sense of style. Nonchalant and minimalist, this look works especially well for leisure!

How to wear khakis chino SANVT

Tone on tone

But enough about beige chinos: how do you wear khakis when they're not beige, but just plain khaki? Speaking of our khaki chinos, we are absolute fans of staging them in tone on tone looks! Khakis look especially sleek with beige suede boots, a khaki parker jacket, a creme sweater and a matching beanie. For a style break, beaded necklaces close to the neck are in style this year. Layered with a white longsleeve T-Shirt and worn with a beige wool coat and thick scarf, this outfit is also ideal for winter.

When and how to wear khakis?

If you ask us: all day, every day! Khakis and khaki chinos are definitely coming back as the new must-haves and announce themselves as promising basics not only for this year, but also for upcoming seasons. With our beige boyfriend chino or smart chino in khaki, you make sure you get a sustainable, timeless and high quality product that you can mix and match depending on your style and taste. 

Photos by Chris Fraas