How to wear shorts: style guide for men

Paulina Kulczycki

We're experiencing globally countless extreme heat waves. Climate change is undoubtedly sending its regards. Apart from the fact that we should by all means be doing something about the rising temperatures on our planet, we must somehow learn to endure the heat and adapt in the meantime. And we definitely can no longer do that in long pants. But the question, which may sound silly in the face of a climate catastrophe, remains: how to wear shorts in the summer? In our style guide for men, we at SANVT give you sustainable outfit ideas for (chino) shorts. This way, you can make a stylish appearance while doing your part for the planet.


As soon as the thermometer nears 30°C, we can officially say shorts season has kicked off. But let's face it: only few of us look good in shorts. Not because we're afraid to show our calves, but because we simply don't know how to style shorts properly. After all, a pair of (chino) shorts can quickly become a square dad look if you combine them with a tight polo shirt and loafers, for example. But in the right combination and with the right accessories, shorts become a summery and stylish must-have. Especially when the shorts are climate neutral and sustainable, they are indispensable for an environmentally conscious closet! That's exactly why created the smart shorts from SANVT and give you tips in our style guide on how to style shorts in summer 2023.

How to wear shorts: Berlin style

When you come across street styles featuring shorts in Berlin, they are usually dressed up as all-black looks. In more extravagant cases, a pair of black shorts is often worn with black mesh and leather (fresh out of Berghain) and in more day-to-day looks with a black sweater, black socks and black platform lace-ups. This monochrome look also comes across particularly stylish with chunky boots and a shortened fisherman's cap and can be rounded off with a black patent fanny pack and narrow micro sunglasses à-la Matrix Reloaded. The sweater can be tucked in or worn with a t-shirt hanging out underneath. Layered with a black trench coat, this look even works in transitional seasons. It's a techno-inspired style that goes down well both in the club and in the city.

How to wear shorts: skater style

If the Berlin style is too daring or too "techno" even without mesh and leather and you prefer more casual skater looks, you can combine a pair of dark blue (chino) shorts with a simple white oversized t-shirt, white tennis socks and cool sneakers. With a backwards cap and maybe a shirt wrapped around the waist, the look becomes a timeless, casual and stylish classic, reminiscent of L.A. in the 90s and the Prince of Bel Air. A perfect summer outfit that is ideal not only for skating, but also for hanging out.

How to wear shorts: festival style

If your style sits somewhere between the hipster universe, Berlin techno and L.A. skater, then you won't go wrong with a vintage-inspired festival style. Here you can wear a pair of light-coloured (chino) shorts with a patterned vintage shirt, sandals and round sunglasses and maybe complement it with a Barbour hat and jute bag. This outfit may also be broken with jewellery from the flea market and go with Birkenstocks or vegan Dr. Martens sandals, depending on the occasion. The vintage shirt can optionally be worn open with an undershirt or t-shirt to create more layers. Whether you're going to a festival or a coffee date, a pair of beige (chino) shorts can be interpreted in different ways. Either way, this look is nonchalantly cool.

The Smart Shorts by SANVT

No matter what style you choose, you of course need to make sure you've found the perfect pair of shorts. And if you've been following us for a while now, you probably know that we're total chino fanatics. So it was only a matter of time before we at SANVT developed some chino shorts as the ultimate pair of shorts. After all, a sustainable pair of (chino) shorts made of high-quality cotton is far smarter than a pair of polyester, jeans or jogging shorts. And thus, the chino shorts are another basic that should not be missing in a minimalist and environmentally conscious closet, especially in the summer! And on the sustainability side, Our smart shorts are – just like all our other products – fair, climate neutral and made from sustainable materials. Furthermore, thanks to our optimised sizing system, you can choose our multifunctional shorts as if they were tailor-made.

Shorts for style and the climate

As you can see, shorts don't always have to look like boring dad looks. Quite the opposite! At SANVT, we make sure to create timeless and smart basics for the modern man – with awareness and responsibility towards the environment. That's why we stick to our climate promise and offset our unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate protection projects. With SANVT you'll walk through the world climate-neutral and style-conscious, without increasing your ecological footprint. You can read more about it here.