How to wear Sweatpants: Four outfit ideas for women

SANVT Journal

Spring is here - the temperatures are getting milder, the days are growing longer and the mood is livening up. After the long winter, we're looking forward to spending more time outside again but that also means we have to say goodbye to our beloved loungewear in order to bring jeans and suit pants into our daily wardrobe again. Or maybe not?

We find it far too difficult to part with sweatpants & co. Therefore, in cooperation with Nadine Banks, we have created a style guide for you, which should show how your new favorite pants can be styled in different ways. Because sporty and elegant can fit together perfectly in our opinion! 

Smart: Sweatpants + Oxford Shirt for the home office

Even if the dream would be to spend the whole day with friends in the countryside, or at a lake or beach when temperatures rise, the reality looks different. Most of us have to go about our mundane daily routine, at least from 9 to 5, and be available for the boss. After all, an unexpected Zoom meeting could be called at any time. And which outfit is best suited for this? Of course, the combination of The Oversized Oxford Shirt + The Boyfriend Sweatpants.

The lightweight blouse can be worn in a figure-hugging or casually oversized way and makes its wearer look perfectly styled in both variations. For more comfort in the home office, the sweatpants are made of combed organic cotton. The combing process gives the sporty pants their special softness, making them a must-have for a working day at home.

Comfortable: The combination of Sweatshirt + Sweatpants

April is a changeable month when it comes to weather and so it can easily happen that we have to spend a rainy Sunday on the couch. We think there are worse things - because with Netflix, a cup of tea and the perfect chill outfit you can make yourself really comfortable at home. Nadine Banks went for a combination of grey sweatpants + our black Boyfriend Sweatshirt for her feel-good day. Cozy socks complete the comfy look. Both essentials are made of our special French Terry material, which is comfortable to wear and breathable and warming at the same time. The elastic waistband of the sweatpants provides more freedom of movement and comfort.

Our tip for extra levels of coziness: buy the sweatshirt one or two sizes larger. Feels almost as if you were wrapped in a soft blanket.


Casual: An Oversized Blazer completes the casual look

The casual style is not only suitable for the home office or for the couch. If something has to be done quickly during the lunch break - like a trip to the supermarket or a walk with the dog - it is enough to throw a light jacket over The Boyfriend Hoodie. A wool blazer can look great in combination with the sporty hoodie. It enhances the look while still looking casual and not too dressy. A denim jacket or blouson creates an even more casual look.

We recommend wearing sneakers, like retro chucks in white or black with the sporty outfit. Our hoodie made of diagonal loopback fabric has outstanding thermoregulation and keeps you warm even in low temperatures. If you still want to be on the safe side, you should put The Boyfriend T-Shirt on under the hoodie and jacket. Layering provides extra insulation and looks cool too.

If you want to learn more about the innovative French Terry material our sweat collection is made of, you can click here.


Casual chic: how to make Sweatpants suitable for everyday wear

The countless days at home during the lockdown have made sweatpants a fashion favorite that's essential in our closet. Even when the first rays of sunshine lure us back outside, we don't want to get rid of our comfortable companion. But how can you make sweatpants look fashionable?

Since gyms have been around, the "athleisure" style (a combination of the terms athletic and leisure wear) has established itself in fashion. This means nothing more than wearing your sportswear for everyday life. Paired with a light T-shirt in a neutral color, cool sneakers and sunglasses, the look is immediately much more interesting. It becomes elegant when combined with a few necklaces in gold or silver and an oversized blazer. On colder days, a classic trench coat is also perfect to round off the outfit. This way you can spend the first days of spring comfortably - yet stylishly. 

As you can see, there are lots of stylish ways to wear sweatpants in everyday life. A tip to get even more styling options out of these most comfortable of pants is to go for muted colors like white, grey and black when choosing clothes. This way, all parts fit together perfectly and can be combined freshly every day.

If you're still looking for the perfect sweatpants for the home office and beyond, you'll find our sustainable and fairly produced version on our homepage.