Innovative sizing system at SANVT - Here's how it works

Cosima Haas

Too short, too long, too small, too big - especially when shopping online it is difficult to find the right clothing size. In case of doubt, this not only means a loss of time, but also goes at the expense of the environment. At SANVT, we have developed an innovative sizing system with over 20 different sizes so that everyone can find perfectly fitting, sustainable clothing that they feel comfortable in. To keep things simple, we've teamed up with our brand ambassador Helmut Barroso (@helmut_barroso) to create a short video explaining our t-shirt sizes in a simple way.

Revolutionary? We think so, that's why:

At SANVT you can choose your Essentials individually by width and length. While you have the choice of seven different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL or 3XL), you can personalize each Essential in three different widths (short, standard or long). Whether it's a chino, t-shirt, or polo shirt, our goal is to offer sustainable and fairly made clothing that everyone can wear. We guarantee - regardless of your body type - a perfect fit. Learn more about this here.


SANVT sizing system explained quickly & easily in one minute - Helmut Barroso


SANVT Brand Ambassador Helmut Barroso illustrates the different t-shirt sizes at SANVT in a short video of just one minute. In his video, he wears the Heavyweight T-Shirt  in black and shows the different size combinations for size M. Can you tell the difference between the different lengths in the sizes M/Shorter, M/Regular and M/Longer? The Heavyweight T-Shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is thermoregulating and durable thanks to its high quality of the material and specially designed knit structure.

One T-shirt, multiple style possibilities

With our size combinations, we not only want to accommodate all different body types, but also give our customers the opportunity to live out their own personal style. For example, if you normally wear your t-shirts in a L/Shorter, you can try a size L/Longer for an oversized look. No matter what you choose, we hope to send you garments with our Essentials that will be a long-lasting companion in your closet and make you feel comfortable in your skin.

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