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@kllehr.aesthetics wearing The Perfect T-Shirt


Name: Thibaut

Age:  28

Profession: Welder

Hobbies: Instagram and Cycling

Talent: I feel like I cook pretty good

Location: Belgium


From the very beginning, Thibaut helped us by inspiring you with stylish and classic outfits. The photos show not only that he has an eye for a good look, but also a sense for aesthetics. A reason for our short interview – Thibaut aka @kllehr.aesthetics

@kllehr.aesthetics showing classic outfits in his feed

My closest friend describes my styles as: 

Clean, minimal and timeless.

Why do you like SANVT?

This is an easy one. The two most important factors for clothing are perfected: A very high quality and a sustainable production in one – with the perfect fit guaranteed!

What is your favorite era of men´s fashion?

I am not sure, if it is because of the tv show or my love  for history, but the peaky blinders ALWAYS look incredible. So early 1900´s it is!

Which essential do you never get tired of?

The white t-shirt. In summertime with a pair of shorts and sneakers or in winter as a layering piece underneath a flannel shirt. The options are endless – it always works!

Before I started my Instagram account, I never would have thought that…

…my dream of having an Instagram page with many followers would come true.I was trying for years and years to get my page off the ground until.


After reading his short interview, I can only congratulate Thibaut for his dream come true. He knew what he wanted, he never stopped trying and he succeeded. That story on its own is as inspiring as his posts showing the perfect outfits. If you want to see it for yourself, just follow him on Instagram.