Looking for high-end quality? Is buying luxury labels the answer?

SANVT Journal

When it comes to fast fashion, this old phrase still tells a story. You pay low prices, you get low quality.

Fast fashion prices are cheap because the fabric and constructions are cheap. Fashion that first fills up your closet and then fills up a landfill – hence another term “throwaway” fashion. Value in fashion has become completely untethered from cost. Spending 10€ on a low quality T-Shirt with uneven seams that falls apart after one use is not good value. Why would anyone pay 10€ to wear a T-Shirt once?

Status vs. Quality

When it comes to high-end designer clothing, you don’t always get what you pay for.

While the fabrics and construction of luxury brands are generally better than fast fashion – you’re still paying a premium for prestige, expensive retail locations, wholesale margins and big marketing budgets.

Advertising is also increasingly expensive. The companies behind luxury brands spend massive budgets to convince buyers their brands are high-end and luxurious. In other words: a large portion of the price you pay for luxury clothing is for the brand’s marketing and very little for the actual cost (and therefore quality) of the garment. There’s not a proportional increase in garment quality as the price rises to sky-high levels.

So why do designers and luxury brands still manage to sell their products at such high prices? Simply because people are prepared to pay. But many people pay that premium for designer clothing because they perceive an increase in quality that isn’t there.

But once we realize we only have two options what do we do? We can either pay inflated prices for luxury, vanity brands at one extreme or next to nothing for fast-fashion-landfill-prospects on the other. There’s not much shade in the middle. What else can we do? 

A lean business model allows SANVT to offer high-end garment without the luxury pice tag.

Fair Prices

SANVT specialises in high quality products at mid-range prices.

Due to a modern business model, lean internal structure, and a digital-only sales strategy, SANVT can offer true luxury products at fair prices. We use the same or even better raw materials than many well-known luxury brands – often working with the same factories and producers but still selling clothing at a fraction of the price.

At SANVT you’re not paying for massive marketing departments, sales staff, wholesaler margins or middlemen. We cut the fat to provide you with the highest quality product at a fair price. You’ll pay for quality, dedication and craftsmanship, not the label.

In a nutshell: is designer clothing worth it?

  • The traditional fashion industry is split into two extremes
  • Fast fashion brands offer cheap, but very low quality garments
  • Due to its short life span, buying cheap (and low quality) products turns out to be expensive
  • There’s not often a proportional increase in garment quality with designer prices
  • Premium brands often charge inflated prices to cover the costs for marketing, constant product development, or shiny retail stores
  • By investing in quality and not in the label, SANVT is rethinking the traditional fashion business model