About our name and what SANVT stands for

SANVT Journal

SANVT is a young German fashion brand. Also our brandname itself is inspired by German. This leads to a frequent question: how do you pronounce “SANVT” and what does it actually mean. So, here is an explanation for everyone who doesn’t speak German and also doesn’t want to learn it – just to order perfect fashion essentials with the correct pronunciation: 

SANVT [zanft] derives from the German word sanft” 

 soft, smooth or gentle

This is not only a hint towards the use of high-quality materials, and the feel of the fabrics, but it’s also a word that corresponds to our business principles of sustainability. As a growing company, this is the first thought for each and every decision that we make. We want to ensure that the environment and people are treated respectfully and gently.

This sustainable notion has led us to…

…work with certified production partners in Europe.

Ethical factories that treat people and environment respectfully

…offset all our production-related CO2 emissions.

we plant trees – thanks to local and global reforestation projects

…only use natural and biodegradable fibres.

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free

…dye all of our fabrics without harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

We recycle our water –  our factories work with closed loop systems

You can find out more about our sustainable essentials here.