Minimalist Fashion: Outfit Inspiration for Men

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Minimalist Basics by SANVT

Minimalism in Fashion

Minimalism is an important design element in fashion, for which fashion designers like Helmut Lang or Jil Sander are renowned. So it’s not surprising that the minimalism trend is once again dominating the collections this summer. Simple cuts, muted colors and high-quality materials are central to many of this year’s designs.

While being about simplicity, minimalism does not have to look boring. This trend can combine different neutral colors and simple patterns in unexpected ways. This year, the “monochrome look” (an outfit in one single color) has dominated the catwalks. Together with Chris Fraas we would like to show you how you can combine minimalist fashion to create stylish minimalist looks.

Trend Color Black: The Casual Look

The all-black tracksuit is in trend this season

An all-black outfit is dreary and not appropriate for everyday life? Not at all, because with a few simple tricks, this seemingly monotonous outfit can be transformed into a style that looks cool on the streets. Most people go for the color black at some point when it comes to clothing. And no wonder, because it really suits everyone and is suitable for almost any occasion. That said, many people shy away from a completely black outfit, however the combination of hoodie and sweatpants in the same color (a modern tracksuit) is very trendy at the moment. It works so well because the black does not look dreary or too formal at all due to the casual style of the clothing.

If you like to look a bit more elegant, you could wear a light black coat and black Converse or modern sneakers to round-off the outfit. And those who are not yet daring enough to go for the all-over black look can accentuate the outfit with a white T-Shirt worn under the hoodie and white sneakers, thus breaking up the black a bit. This approach creates a casual outfit that can even go nicely with a denim jacket or a thin bomber jacket.

Trend Color White: The Summer Look

The Longsleeve T-Shirt is the perfect essential for any summer outfit

White is one of the most popular colors in summer, because it looks fresh and keeps you cool at high temperatures. A white outfit, just like a look all in black, can be combined casually and elegantly. When it comes to styling, not all components need to have the same shade but it is important to stay in one color.

For everyday wear, a white longsleeve T-Shirt is recommended because it can be worn with or without a jacket. To add depth to to the plain look, different shades of beige or off-white can be integrated. A beige chino, for example, goes perfectly with the basic white shirt and completes the summer outfit. A light jacket in off-white offer could offer another color variation and make the monochrome look slightly more complex.

To add a bit of edge, any kind of stylish accessory can be combined with a white outfit. A watch with a black or brown leather strap and a bracelet in gold or silver can be used as eye-catchers during the day, or in the evening. A few rings or a delicate necklace can also look very stylish with a white look while not detracting from the outfit’s minimalist appeal.

Less is More

The Perfect T-Shirt captured by Mads Keilberg

Minimalism in fashion doesn’t always have to be about design. It can also mean building a capsule wardrobe with a few high-quality and durable essentials. The pandemic has accentuated how important it is to reduce consumption and rely on timeless basics that do not have to be replaced every season. If these versatile basics also match in color, new looks can be created again and again, even with just a few clothing items.

At SANVT, we have set ourselves the goal of combining minimalist designs with exceptional quality standards while offering sustainable products that last a lifetime. In this way, we challenge the throwaway mentality and make our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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