Styling Guide for Men: Monochrome Outfit Ideas

Lesley Krijan

Many men prefer fashion that is easy to combine. Instead of exciting colors and cuts, they favour simple jeans and classic shirts. And timeless styling doesn’t have to be boring, it can be particularly fashionable. One way to showcase basics perfectly is monochrome styling. The word “monochrome” comes from Ancient Greece and literally means “single-colored”. In the world of fashion, a monochrome look is an outfit that is the same color from head to toe.

Basically, any color is suitable for a monochrome look. However, at SANVT we generally recommend going for minimalist and muted shades such as white, black, grey, beige or navy. For one thing, these colors are easier to combine with other garments. Secondly, clothing in timeless colors are better for the environment as they are worn more often and for longer than pieces in trendy garish colors.

The best colors for a monochrome look:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Navy

With monochrome styling, you now have two options: Either you choose the clothing in the exact same shade, or you decide to go with different colored variations. If you want to combine two shades, it is important that they do not clash. For example, a darker and a lighter grey shade go better together than two dark-grey shades that closely match each other.

In this post, we would like to give you some inspiration for a grey, monochrome style:

The first step to a monochrome look

As already mentioned, it is first important to decide on a basic color for a monochrome outfit. Together with Chris Fraas, we chose grey, as this color fits perfectly into the rainy autumn. So, after deciding on the base color, we chose different shades:

A light grey sweatshirt is perfect with dark grey chinos. While the elegant style of the chino enhances the outfit, a sporty sweatshirt brings a youthful freshness to the look. This means it can be worn equally well in the office and more informally. One advantage of this combination is its timelessness.

Setting the scene for shades

For a monochrome look like Chris wears, we recommend working from the top down. A lighter shade should be chosen around the head area. This makes us look friendlier to the people around us at first glance. Darker shades are all the better for the lower part of the body. As you can see, the dark grey chino flatters Chris’s figure and rounds off the outfit perfectly.

Pimp it up – It’s time for accessories

Monochrome outfits are particularly easy to combine and still always look stylish. Nevertheless, the look should be combined with high-quality accessories. A classic watch or a bracelet in a matching color could be suitable. Another touch to add to your grey outfit is a white T-shirt, which you can pull under your sweatshirt. If your shirt peeks out at the collar or waistband, this will give your outfit a fresh touch. Not only that, an extra layer will keep you warm on those chilly days.

The final touch

Monochrome looks can also be easily complemented. For a high-end style, go for shoes with a high upper. These so-called high-top sneakers give your outfit a bit more edge. Sneakers in a black and grey color block pattern, like the ones Chris wears, round off the sporty and elegant chinos very well. If the temperatures drop, you can combine the grey outfit with a coat or a modern jacket. A greyish beige tone goes amazing with your base color and ensures that all the essentials still get attention.

A monochrome look

Finally, here are all the monochrome styling tips for you in one place:

  • Choose a base shade
  • Combine several shades with each other, which aren’ too similar
  • Light shades on top – dark shades on the bottom
  • Accessories add the finishing touch to your look
  • High-top sneakers and a cool jacket round off your chinos.