Oversized trend for women: The Boyfriend T-Shirt

SANVT Journal

The long-awaited summer is finally here. The temperatures are rising and the trend forecasts for this summer look promising too. So, now’s the time to get rid of jackets and sweaters and leave the house in the morning, wearing only a light T-Shirt.

Worn exclusively as an undershirt in the 19th century, the T-Shirt can be worn for every conceivable occasion nowadays, as it can be combined in many diverse ways: At work under an elegant blazer, for sports in combination with training pants, or just casually with jeans. The styling possibilities are endless: in V-neck, with rolled-up sleeves, slim-fit or oversized, short or long cut styles – the T-shirt can be adapted to any trend.

Together with Paloma Kalaidjian, we would like to take a closer look at the oversized trend, which has its origin in the streetwear and hip hop culture. But as fashion developed, oversized shirts can nowadays be worn to formal events, if they are styled properly.Paloma has put together three of her favorite looks with the boyfriend T-Shirt and reveals why an oversized T-Shirt should not be missing from any closet.

Casual for Everyday Life

The combination of blue jeans and a plain T-Shirt has always been considered a classic and is reinterpreted every season. Like last year, wide leg jeans are on trend this summer. Together with a loose-fitting T-Shirt, you get a comfortable and cool look, which is rounded off with the right accessories.

Paloma: “One of my absolute favorite outfits for every day right now is a pair of light blue jeans combined with an oversized T-Shirt. Whenever I wear simple outfits like this one, I pair them with luxury accessories for an effortlessly elevated look that never gets boring. I usually go for a classic, timeless handbag.”

A simple ring and a necklace in gold are enough to make the outfit look high-end. The large shopper bag fits the casual oversized trend and is perfect for everyday wear. For cooler temperatures, simply throw a sweater over your shoulders. This adds a little color to the otherwise simple outfit.

Chic for Dinner

The modern pantsuit consists of a light blazer, shorts and a boyfriend T-Shirt. The combination is optimal for summer temperatures because even if it gets too warm for the blazer, the look is still complete. To achieve the perfect fit, it is advised to wear a blazer that ends with the hem of the shorts.

Paloma: “I love pantsuits or the summer version: blazers with shorts. Perfect to go out for lunch or dinner, combined with sneakers or even with heels! For a laid back, casual look, I love to wear them with a loose fit T-Shirt. Black and white are my go-tos for this look.”

For an exciting contrast, we recommend wearing a dark T-Shirt under a light suit or a light T-Shirt under a dark suit. A pair of matching sunglasses will suffice as an accessory, as the outfit looks chic enough without lots of jewellery. 

Comfortable for Sports

A T-Shirt does not only look cool – it also serves its purpose. If it is made out of the right material, such as organic cotton, it provides temperature regulation that can last a lifetime with the right care. That makes it’s ideal for any kind of sports.

Paloma: “To balance a stressful day or just to let off steam, I like to play tennis or go for a run. As always, comfort is key for me! The black T-Shirt goes perfectly with my biker shorts and combined with a few lighter shades, it also works really well in summer!”

With the oversized T-Shirt and the biker shorts, two top trends meet for this summer. The combination creates a super comfortable outfit that is not only suitable for many sports, but also for everyday life. A large bag made of jute and a matching cap complete the sporty look. And again, a light sweater draped over the shoulders adds an extra eye-catching touch. 

The fashionable all-rounder: The Perfect T-Shirt

Paloma’s looks show us that a simple T-Shirt doesn’t have to look boring. It all depends on the cut. For example, a loose boyfriend T-Shirt looks modern and stylish even with a simple pair of jeans. Another plus: the simple design makes the T-Shirt versatile and can be worn again every season.

Paloma: “Beautiful, high-quality basics have a very high value in my closet! Whether with jeans, matching suits or casual sportswear, a classic round neck T-Shirt is part of almost every outfit I wear.“

If you’re still looking for the perfect oversized T-Shirt, feel free to check out the T-Shirt Collection on our website. Here you will find a sustainable version in four different colors. And with 7 widths and 3 lengths to choose from, you’ll be able to find The Perfect T-Shirt for your body shape and taste.

Photography by: Paloma Kalaidjian