SANVT boycotts: Abundance & Black Friday

SANVT Journal

But SANVT says “NO” to fake discounts

We want to change the way fashion is consumed

Unlike most fashion brands, we are committed to offering the very best quality at the very best price. We’ve cut out the middlemen, kept our distribution model lean, and by selling online only, we offer fair prices throughout the whole year.

Instead of encouraging over-consumption by offering tempting discounts and fake bargains during Black Friday, we celebrate Green Weekend:

Buy one perfect essential – and plant over 30 trees around the globe. We’ve been planting one tree for every SANVT product sold since the beginning of our brand – this is in addition to our sustainability initiatives to achieve climate neutral production. Since the VAT reduction of three percent in Germany, we’ve been planting three extra trees for each order. Now, between the 27th and 30th November, we will not offer short-lived Black Friday deals but instead will celebrate Green Weekend: We will add 27 trees to every order that you place!

This will take the total trees planted to 30 for each order over Green Weekend.

SANVT [sanft] derives from the German word sanft” 


 soft, smooth or gentle

This is not only a hint towards the use of high-quality materials, and the feel of the fabrics, but it’s also a word that corresponds to our business principles of sustainability.