Interview: 5 questions @laraselina

SANVT Journal

In our interview series we show you some very different people – or rather the people show themselves to us. And as different as they are, they all have one thing in common: they all wear SANVT.

SANVT fits. You.



Name: Lara Selina

Age: 26 

Profession: self-employed as blogger // Content Creator & Manager / Marketing for a Startup

Hobbies: Yoga & Sports

Talent: I can remember dance choreographies pretty easily 🙂

Location: Vienna, Austria


When a positive attitude turns into a positive aura that inspires more than 47 thousand Instagrammers: Lara manages to capture this in just one photo:

@laraselina in the Boyfriend Hoodie

My friends describe my style as…

…basic and yet special. The combination of classics with special details makes the difference – as you can see on my photo here. 

I would never have thought that before I started with Instagram:

That I would get the chance to inspire so many people.

Why does SANVT suit you?

SANVT focuses on minimalism and high, sustainable quality – this is also very important to me. You don’t need a closet that bursts at the seams. You need your absolute favorite pieces that you can combine again and again.

 Here you find me at the moment the most…

…in sports and exercise. Or at home – making new plans and content. 

I always wanted to tell you that:

“You can do anything if you just want to.” – @laraselina


If you want to learn more about Lara, just follow her on Instagram