Interview: 5 questions @noranella

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@noranella in the Boyfriend T-Shirt


Name: Nora

Age: 28

Profession: Department manager for a fashion company

Hobbies: jogging, swimming, Netflix, photography

Talent: My friend says that I make “the world’s best pancakes”

Location: Cologne, Germany


Stylish, loving and free-spirited: Nora travels the world, taking us with her – while wearing SANVT.

@noranella in the Boyfriend T-Shirt

Why does SANVT fit to you?

I think everyone should have high quality basic items in their closet. That starts with the simple T-shirt: This way, every outfit is directed in the right direction. The SANVT brand has made exactly this its main focus – and so not only meets the current spirit but also my personal taste.

My friends describe my style as…

Casual chic.

I would have never dreamed that before I started with Instagram…:

… that this platform is not only superficial but that it is a place where real friendships can be made. I “found” one of my best friends almost 4 years ago through a simple hashtag. 

My favourite era of women’s fashion in the history of humankind are…

…the 1950s. I love the movie “Grease”. Especially the final scene, when Sandy in her leather leggings, with leather jacket and red lips, turns Dany’s head and lets her wild side out and lets go of the girlish side. I also find the 80s fascinating when the designers gave a male touch to women’s fashion and unicolored outfits were in fashion. 

I always wanted to tell you that:

Your products are of high quality and feel good on the skin. Also, they can be easily combined with everything. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to many more cool basics!


If you wanna find out more about Nora, just follow her on Instagram.