Spring looks for women: Sustainable Style Guide

Paulina Kulczycki

Vivienne Westwood’s words, “Buy less, choose well”, sum up the essence of sustainable fashion. Because at the end of the day, it’s about consuming less, while thoughtfully choosing the pieces we buy according to their good quality and timeless design. But it’s easier said than done. After all, we have been conditioned to believe that fashion is fast-paced – in other words, just as quickly as a trend is hyped, it is considered a total faux pas. But if we take a cue from another iconic fashion legend, Coco Chanel, style – unlike fashion itself – is timeless.

So, in order to make our clothing sustainable, we should make our shopping decisions based on timeless style, rather than trivial micro-trends. In this regard, less is more: basics, monochrome looks, tone-on-tone, classic silhouettes, soft colors, earth tones, and minimalism are some of the tips in our sustainable style guide for women. So here are our top three timeless spring looks!

Minimalist Silhouettes

Minimalism is perhaps one of the most timeless solutions to making your everyday closet sustainable. Especially minimalist silhouettes, like boxy tees, straight cut pants or sleek coats are modern classics you can’t get enough of. Simply combine a pair of tapered jeans, mom jeans or straight pants with a tucked-in white tee, like our Boyfriend T-Shirt, and pair it with white sneakers and a lightweight linear coat for cooler spring days. To give the look a little more edge, you can also pair it with chunky oxford shoes and an oversized vintage blazer. This way, minimalism is not only classic but also edgy and cool!

The Boyfriend T-Shirt from SANVT for a minimalist style.

Natural colors: tone on tone

When it comes to timeless spring looks, you can’t go wrong with natural colors. While color trends come and go, sand colors and earth tones also work trans-seasonally and add a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Not only that, clothing in natural shades can be especially sustainable if they are not dyed. In fact, many sustainable fashion brands leave their natural materials in their original colors to avoid chemical dye processes in their production. Therefore, sustainable and non-dyed collections appear in shades ranging from creamy white, through sandy colors, all the way to earthy ochre tones.

To style natural colors perfectly, you can either combine them completely tone-on-tone or play with contrasts. For instance, our white Unisex Longsleeve T-Shirt pairs beautifully with an undyed pair of white jeans and can be highlighted with sand-colored platform espadrilles and a sand-colored bag. This way you’ll get a bright, fresh look that’s timeless and sustainable at the same time!

Our white Unisex Longsleeve T-Shirt for tone-on-tone looks.

Upgrade basics with accessories

The foundation for any sustainable style, however, are the basics. They are the base of every outfit and can be reinterpreted and upgraded with accessories every season. That’s why basics never go out of fashion! One of the most essential basics for spring is a sustainable sweater – because let’s face it, spring in our regions leaves a lot to chance. A timeless sweater can be worn without a jacket outside in spring, thrown over on cold nights in summer, and complemented with a thick coat in fall/winter – making it a versatile basic that can be used across the seasons.

Our favorite look to showcase the sweater in spring is to wear it oversized with a skirt. Our navy Boyfriend Sweatshirt looks both elegant and casual with a royal blue long-pleated skirt and heeled sandals, but it can also be paired tucked in with an A-line denim mini skirt and sneakers. This way, the sustainable sweater can be reinterpreted as a basic as often as you like, making it a must-have for a sustainable wardrobe.

The Boyfriend Sweatshirt from SANVT is the perfect sustainable basic.

With our sustainable style guide for women, you can now create timeless spring looks that are stylish and modern regardless of short-lived trends. As Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion changes, style endures”.