Chinos in summer: The perfect summer pants

Paulina Kulczycki

It’s getting hot in here… If you can’t get this song out of your head these days, you’re not alone. The mega heat is getting to all of our heads (and legs, for that matter). And despite the fact that summer has been here for only a couple of weeks, we’re already getting tired of wearing shorts all the time. If only there were a stylish long pants that somehow managed to keep our legs cool. Oh wait, there are! Find out why chinos are the perfect summer pants and how to style chinos in summer.

Summer has arrived, for sure. The temperatures in Europe and many other parts of the world are even breaking records this year. The past month was namely the hottest June ever measured worldwide since records began! And that sticky heat is giving us all a bit of a hard time – not to mention that these frightening statistics call on us (more than ever) to live a climate-conscious life! Heck, even without record-breaking temperatures, we’re already sweating trying to figure out what to wear! One thing is for sure: jeans made of heavy denim and warm sweatpants will remain in the closet for the next handful of weeks. But what else are we left with in the peak of summer, besides shorts? Don’t sweat – we’ve got you covered.

Chinos with a light fabric are an elegant alternative to shorts in summer.

Chinos in summer

Because of their airy fabric, chinos are the ideal bottoms for hot days. Thanks to their breathability, they have a pleasant cooling effect on the skin. Their lightweight fabric also ensures a welcome comfort and increased freedom of movement. At the same time, chinos are extremely durable and can be combined both elegantly and casually. Chinos are the perfect summer pants but are also suitable for all-season styling – whether for business or leisure!

Our Smart Chino is crafted in Portugal from a custom-developed elastic weave.

How to style chinos in summer

When it comes to styling chinos in summer, they can either be combined with minimalist basics, or with edgy statement pieces. For a more minimalist style, you can wear chinos in summer with a white t-shirt paired with white sneakers – a look that is simple but not at all boring. Especially with a tucked-in t-shirt in combination with a cool fanny pack and round sunglasses à-la John Lennon. The look is trendy and attractively simple at the same time. To add a bit of flair, you can also wear chinos in the summer with a vintage shirt. The outfit becomes particularly cool when the colorful vintage shirt is worn oversized, with a pair of rolled-up chinos, colorful socks or flashy sneakers. Besides the summer styling of the chinos, another question remains: the color of the pants themselves. Which brings us onto…

The top summer colors

Chinos come in a variety of different colors – and depending on the color, the pants get a completely different look. While darker chinos – in black or navy blue, for example – are more suitable for winter or business outfits, chinos in light and pastel shades go down particularly well in summer and for leisure. Not only because these shades give them a light and summery flair but also because the light colors don’t absorb as much heat! Finally, and to avoid choosing temporary and short-lived trendy colors that will be out again next summer, we recommend timeless colors like beige or cream.

Valentin Rudloff shows on his Instagram account Minivalism how chinos in summer are the perfect essential.

The ideal fit

A golden rule that applies not only to chinos in summer but to summer pants in general, is to avoid a too tight (skinny) cut at all costs! If a pair of pants is too tight or feels constricting in the summer, the heat will be even more unbearable. Chinos, of all pants, should be comfortable and give you the cool feel you need in the summer. Nevertheless, we recommend slim fit chinos because they simply look much more modern and stylish than classic chinos. Read this other SANVT blog post here about how the perfect chinos should fit.

The smart Chino from SANVT ensures the perfect fit regardless your body-shape or fit preference.

The smart chino from SANVT

As you can see, at SANVT we love chinos for their versatility, functionality and timeless design – and not just in summer! That’s why we use an innovative material mix of Italian yarn in our chinos. This material’s unique microfine structure conducts moisture into the interior of the fiber and releases it back into the atmosphere. This ensures the perfect temperature balance: cooling in summer and heat insulating in winter!

Our chinos come in dark blue, black, and beige, and offer functional design features like a hidden cell phone pocket and a flexible zipper system. And as with everything that carries the SANVT label, our chinos are sustainably made. The Smart Chino by SANVT is carbon neutral – just like all of our products. You can read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Photography by: Valentin Rudloff