Summer essentials you need in your wardrobe

Paulina Kulczycki

They are the key to every sustainable closet, the foundation of every outfit, they are timeless, cross-seasonal and without a lot of frills: the basics. We at SANVT believe that well-chosen, high-quality and sustainable basics are treasures. Basics are the loyal companions that will follow you on your journey for many years, seasons and trends.

That’s why we wanted to introduce you to a few sustainable summer essentials in this article, and show you what should not be missing in your closet.

Of course, basics work regardless of the season. Yet we do believe that, especially in summer, there are some summer essentials that are truly indispensable! Simpler, breezier looks are the order of the day in summer anyway. After all, “less is more”. And although we’re always thinking “unisex” and “genderfluid” at SANVT, we’ve put together a few must-haves for both men and women to show you a range of feminine and masculine summer essentials to make your life easier when the temperatures spike.

An all-time classic: The Perfect T-Shirt by SANVT. Customisable length, and designed to last.

Sustainable summer essentials for women

Mini skirt

Summer is definitely mini skirt season! But the mini skirt stands for so much more than just long legs. For example, did you know that the mini skirt was created as a rebellion against Coco Chanel’s statement that the knee was the ugliest part of a woman’s body? The British designer Mary Quant was so outraged by this statement that she cut all skirts from her collection as a protest. And thus, in 1962, the mini skirt was born. Since then, the mini skirt has come in various shapes, colors and materials. It has been one of the most enduring basics of women’s fashion.

Whether in A-line, with a button row, a discreet slit or with flounces. Whether monochrome, plaid or with a houndstooth pattern. Whether made of denim, cotton or linen. The mini skirt has been a must-have for half a century and will remain so for a long time! Not only that, the mini skirt is a basic that works in other seasons like winter with opaque tights and boots. You can find a beautiful and sustainable denim mini skirt as a summer essential, at Armed Angels.

Oversized boyfriend t-shirt

When it comes to sustainable summer essentials, one thing definitely can’t be missing: the boyfriend t-shirt. With its oversized cut, it looks airy and light and can either be worn casually with bike shorts, knotted in the front with a mini skirt, or with the sleeves rolled up and tucked in with mom jeans or shorts. And if it is cut long enough, it even works as a casual mini dress – especially when nicely paired with boots! That makes this basic versatile and – no matter what style you have – a timeless classic.

The Boyfriend T-Shirt by SANVT is the perfect summer essential for any look you want to create with an oversized t-shirt. With the option to choose its length, our Boyfriend T-Shirt offers the perfect cut. Its minimalist design, durable material and extremely comfortable feel make it the ideal boyfriend t-shirt. Of course, it’s sustainable, climate neutral and fairly produced!

Blogger and pilates teacher Elivra from @thepilatesbabe_ shows how our Boyfriend T-Shirt works with a knot.

Maxi dress

There is probably no simpler outfit choice in summer than a maxi dress. With just this one piece, the whole outfit stands out! Besides, maxi dresses are cozy and relaxed, and at the same time chic and feminine – depending on how you combine them. As casual pieces, maxi dresses can be paired with boots, sneakers or platform sandals, depending on the style – and topped off with the right accessories (like a summer hat and sunglasses). You will find a range of sustainable maxi dresses at Jan’n’June.

Sustainable summer essentials for men


Although chinos are long pants, the breathable material makes them ideal for summer, which makes the chino a smart and elegant option for summer outfits. At SANVT, we love chinos for their versatility which is why we’ve made our Smart Chino, and went the extra mile to make them absolutely perfect. First off, did you know that our chino is made of a durable mix of materials and Italian yarn that, thanks to its microfine structure, directs moisture to the inside of the fiber and releases it back into the air? This technology provides the perfect temperature balance: cooling in summer, insulating in winter. That’s why the chino is not only the ideal summer essential but a timeless basic for every season.

Oh and by the way, our Chino is also available for women (we’ve mentioned that we love unisex styles, right?).

The Smart Chino by SANVT. Photo taken by the designer and blogger Valentin Rudloff from @minivalism.

Summer T-Shirt

There is probably no other item in fashion that defines “basic” better than the white t-shirt. But what if you want a basic that isn’t that basic after all? What if this t-shirt was not white but off-white? And what if the material of this t-shirt was not made of conventional jersey, but of a noble mix of premium cotton and the biodegradable cellulose fiber Lyocell? Wouldn’t that be the perfect summer clothing essential ? Our Lighweight T-shirt from SANVT is handmade in Portugal and, thanks to the innovative fabric, combines high breathability with the finest feel. Learn more about the Lyocell material here.

Our off-white Lightweight T-Shirt is the perfect summer essential.

Denim shorts

Last but not least, another ideal summer clothing essential is the denim shorts. They are casual and are not only great for skating, but also for festivals, a beer in the park, hiking, or just hanging out in general. Finding a pair of denim shorts that are also sustainable, however, is turning out to be a bit tricky. If you want to get creative, you can browse through your favorite vintage shops and simply cut down a second hand pair of Levis yourself. Otherwise, you can find nice, non-toxic and sustainable jeans and denim shorts at Armed Angels.

These summer essentials will get you through any summer with style. If you’re looking for even more specific tips on how to style these basics, check out our style guide for summer. Cheers!