The SANVT Sustainability Report 2021

SANVT Journal

At SANVT, our objective is to minimize the negative impact our production processes have on the environment. We try to reduce our carbon footprint as far as we can. Not only that, we compensate 100% of our CO2 emissions by supporting local and international reforestation projects.

Each year, we check last year’s achievements against our objectives…

…in 2021, SANVT

  • compensated 39.000KG C02 with ClimatePartner
  • planted over 32.000 trees with Eden Projects
  • saved 440KG plastic by only using recycled paper packaging
  • recycled 99,9% of used water
  • saved 1000L of mineral oil

Here you can find the full report.

SANVT has compensated 100% of its production related carbon emissions in 2021

At SANVT, we wanted to understand our impact on the environment – with the aim of minimizing our CO2 emissions. And once we started to investigate this, we decided to go one step further to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions, making our Essentials 100% climate neutral.

To become more environmentally friendly and climate-neutral we followed three steps:

  • Evaluated our carbon footprint
  • Minimized our carbon footprint
  • Became carbon neutral – by offsetting unavoidable emissions

As a result, we managed to reduce the carbon footprint of our essentials as much as possible. Our perfect T-Shirt for example has a carbon footprint of 3.4KG CO2. A typical T-Shirt causes about 10KG CO2. In 2021 we compensated 100% of our CO2 emissions – that’s 39.000KG in total.

In our case, we decided to support a local project with ClimatePartner. Forests fulfil many climate-protecting functions, which is why we are starting our battle against climate change in the Oberallgäu forests in Bavaria. Our project, the Bergwaldprojekt e.V., protects the Bavarian forest with the help of volunteers and experts.

At the Bergwaldprojekt e.V., about 2,000 people a year work in 51 locations in Germany. They plant native species such as silver fir and sycamore maple to create a stable, mixed mountain forest. The initiative also protects water supplies by acting as a natural filter to clean rainwater. With our financial support towards the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. we contribute to the success of this project.

In partnership with ClimatePartner, we wanted to ensure the highest levels of transparency. Therefore, you are able to trace the climate neutrality of your SANVT essential and its carbon offset. This can be achieved with clear product labelling that features an ID number and an associated URL for tracking.

SANVT does even more. SANVT loves trees.

Together with Eden Projects, we aspire to have a positive impact on the environment while supporting some of the poorest regions in the world. In collaboration with Eden Projects, we plant one tree for every SANVT Essential produced and sold. Because trees are the most effective CO2 absorbers.

From time to time we do even more than planning one tree per garment. For example – instead of Black Friday 2021 – we celebrated Green Weeks, planting an additional 10 trees per order. This resulted in more than 10,000 extra trees.

In total we plated over 32.000 trees in 2021!

“SANVT takes a strong stance against Fast Fashion.”

SANVT creates timeless designs of superior quality.

We’re not following short lived fashion trends fads and we don’t create new designs each season. Instead, we offer a permanent, all-year collection. This means that we can dedicate more time to rethinking every detail of our essential garments. Our products will not only last through wear and tear but survive the changing tides of fashion trends.

INSTEAD of Fast Fashion production in Asia, SANVT is made in Portugal.

We hand-make every piece in collaboration with small factories and specialized ateliers who share our commitment to exceptional quality, high labor standards and fair wages. We search for the best factories from across Europe to make our products. Our factories’ thrive for excellence convinced us to showcase the craftsmen and women behind our essentials – to show you how much dedication, experience, and skill go into the production of our collection. The hard work that happens far away from the hype of the fashion world.

INSTEAD of using plastic bags, SANVT is plastic-free.

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We avoid widely-used polybags or any kind of plastic at all.
Instead, our T-Shirts get their final envelopes inside the factory – made from reusable and recycled paper. By avoiding common plastic packaging, we managed to save about 440Kg of plastic and 1000L mineral oil in 2021.

SANVT recycles 99,9% of used water.

Fashion is responsible for nearly 20% of the world’s water pollution. Over 2,000 chemicals are used to process conventional textiles – including nasty ones like mercury, formaldehyde, and chlorine. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! At SANVT, we dye all our fabrics without harmful chemicals or heavy metals. And it doesn’t end there: our factories work with closed loop systems, ensuring nothing is sent back into nature that doesn’t belong there. By doing this, we recycle 99.9% of wastewater.

2021 was the most sustainable SANVT year so far. But that’s not the end of the story! We want to be even more sustainable over the coming year.

How we want to be even more sustainable in 2022

  • Further reduce carbon emissions of our production while continuing to be carbon neutral (100% offset of our carbon emissions).
  • Plant 50% more trees than in the year.
  • Expand our supplier base by 2 additional production partners that are fully certified (GOTS), while continuing to exclusively produce in the EU.
  • Further minimise our environmental footprint by focusing on resourceful materials: our objective is to reduce usage of conventional cotton to less than 10% (currently just over 20%).