Conscious Holidays: How to wrap gifts sustainably

SANVT Journal

During the Holiday season, many people go in search of perfect gifts and the perfect packaging for them. The environment suffers from this – especially at this time of year – because the remains of the packaging often end up thrown away. In this article, we present ways to package gifts sustainably – with the help of our product packaging, which is completely plastic-free.

Avoid non-recyclable packaging

Many gifts are put into packaging that cannot be recycled or can only be recycled poorly because of being made from plastic or other ingredients. Not-only that, gift ribbons are often used that are also made of plastic and are therefore non-biodegradable. The environment suffers from this, as the packaging is often not used again after use but disposed immediately.

SANVT’s plastic-free packaging

You should look for gift packaging that is plastic-free and biodegradable. The packaging of our perfect essentials is not only made entirely of paper, but is also so visually appealing that it could be placed under the Christmas tree without any elaborations.

The product packaging is there from the outset to ship and protect the garments. It is 100% plastic-free, as we avoid polyester bags and other types of plastic. Instead, all our sustainable basics receive their final paper packaging at the factory. In this way, waste-generating repackaging practices are completely avoided.

Our products are also made exclusively from natural and biodegradable fibres. Even our labels are made from 100% cotton and not polyester.

By the way, all information and facts about sustainable and climate-neutral Essentials are described and summarised in detail here.

Advantages of sustainable packaging

Not using additional packaging has many advantages. For example, no more (unnecessary) waste is produced that could have been avoided. And there are also cost savings from not using additional paper or tapes.

All of our products are already delivered in (almost) final gift packaging. This is exactly how they can be placed under the Christmas tree. However, for those who would like to add a few more festive touches, here are some inspirations and step-by-step instructions for the perfect sustainable packaging of SANVT Essentials. And if you don’t have a SANVT Essential to gift then you can still follow most of the same steps.

Our instructions for upcycling the SANVT packaging

1)Take the perfect SANVT essential out of the box or shipping bag. These two things don’t have to go in the rubbish either, they can also serve as gift packaging or be converted into a storage box or something similar.

2) Now our already (almost) finally packed product appears. You don’t have to open it any further, but can start adding to the gift packaging right away. If you have any concerns about the size, our 60-day return policy also applies at Christmas. Our size finder will help you find the perfect size for each product.

3) Once the product and packaging are in front of you, you can decide how christmasy or extravagant the gift should look in the end. In this case, we opted for a simple and classic, but still Christmas-y version.

4) First, we chose a ribbon that is recyclable and naturally degradable. We wrapped this once around the package. Here we did without unnecessary glue and simply fastened it with knots.

5) Then we went out into nature. Here, we were looked for leaves or twigs that could be integrated into the gift wrapping as decoration. You would have a free hand as far as the search is concerned. We just made sure to take only those twigs and leaves that had already fallen off, so as not to harm the ecosystem.

6) We let the collected decorations dry a little and then put them under the gift ribbon.

7) Afterwards we used the card that was sent with the gift, where all our USPs are listed again and we wrote a short greeting. We also put this under the ribbon.

8) The sustainably wrapped gift is ready. Off to the Christmas tree with it… 😉

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